Volume 42, Chapter 585.1: Burn! Ma Xiaotao's Extreme Fire

Stars filled the night sky when Huo Yuhao finally awoke from his deep slumber.

There was an inexplicable soreness all over his body, but there seemed to be a lot of liveliness rippling through him at the same time.

Huo Yuhao’s vitality had recovered as his mind and body healed. His soul power began circulating, and he could tell with a simple look inward that his Yin Yang Equilibrium soul cores were rotating very stably.

Furthermore, his dual soul cores had clearly improved.

When Huo Yuhao’s Yin Yang Equilibrium soul cores had first taken shape, their whirlpool-like soul power had been very uneven, and changed with his soul power and spiritual power undulations, and even his breathing.

But now, his soul cores were transforming. When his two soul cores’ power clashed, the tiny whirlpools of soul power were all the same size. Furthermore, his largest whirlpool from before couldn’t compare to his soul power right now. Every whirlpool was also extremely stable, and his soul power condensed into both gold and blue. His spiritual power and his Ultimate Ice coexisted.

Even though Huo Yuhao’s mind and body were still fatigued, his soul power had recovered to his peak condition. Furthermore, his soul power had so evidently improved that there was no question that his cultivation had risen once more.

This was the result of forcing himself to unleash his potential, and of his dual soul cores gradually integrating and taking shape. His one-versus-ten stunt wasn’t wasted, and he managed to achieve his initial goal.

However, his excitement lasted for but a moment. His memory came back, and he immediately thought about what had transpired before he fell unconscious. Huo Yuhao almost immediately bounced to his feet and leapt from his bed.

Wutong, how is she? Where is she?

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power stretched out with a single thought, and he immediately discovered that he was back in the Sea God’s Pavilion, and Tang Wutong was in a room not far from his.

Huo Yuhao dashed to Tang Wutong’s room as quickly as he could.

Tang Wutong was in the room, and Xiao Xiao was sitting beside her bed and taking care of her. There was nobody else around, and Xiao Xiao hurriedly placed her index finger to her mouth as Huo Yuhao came in.

Huo Yuhao clenched his fists subconsciously. He was now completely awake.

“Xiao Xiao, how is she?” Huo Yuhao whispered.

Xiao Xiao shook her head softly as she stood up and pulled him out of the room.

She stared at Huo Yuhao with a complicated look in her eyes as they stepped out. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s relationship was the most turbulent among their generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Even their eldest senior brother was back together with Xiao Ya.

“You have to remain calm, Yuhao.” Xiao Xiao was very clear on how he felt about Tang Wutong.

Huo Yuhao’s heart skipped a beat as he took a deep breath. He lowered his voice and said, “Tell me, I’m very calm. At least, is Wutong still alive?”

Xiao Xiao continued, “Wutong’s situation isn’t very good. Elder Zhuang has taken a look at her. Death circulates within her body, and this aura of death is something that her soul power cannot dispel. It is already entangled with her soul power and spiritual power, and it has shut her consciousness down. That’s why she’s in a coma. Nobody can extract that aura of death right now, because doing so can hurt Wutong’s body. She can only rely on her own willpower, and she can only recover when her soul power and spiritual power can expel that aura of death from her body.”

Huo Yuhao pursed his lips tightly. Wutong has fallen into a coma.

Back then, Wang Dong’er fell into a coma when he sent her back to the Clear Sky Sect, and now Wutong was in a coma. Was history repeating itself?

Huo Yuhao would have no dignity left to face the Clear Sky Sect’s two leaders if he sent her back again.

Xiao Xiao heaved a sigh and said, “The two of you have been unconscious for three days. Don’t worry, Yuhao, she will definitely recover.”

Huo Yuhao lowered his voice and asked, “Has the aura of death in her body declined over the past three days?”

Xiao Xiao hesitated for a moment, but she couldn’t bear to lie in the end as she shook her head softly.

Huo Yuhao closed his eyes painfully as he dashed back into the room and pounced beside Tang Wutong’s bed. He held her hands tightly.

Tang Wutong’s hands were very cold, and her beautiful face was ghastly pale. There wasn’t a single hint of color on her face, and her life energy was pitifully weak.

Huo Yuhao extended a tiny thread of soul power into Tang Wutong’s body, and he immediately understood what Xiao Xiao was telling him before. She was right; nobody could do anything to save Tang Wutong in her current state.

Tang Wutong’s soul power had become very messy and disoriented. Her purplish-golden soul power was layered with greyish-black colors, and those dark hues had completely integrated into her soul power, and even into her veins. Fortunately, there seemed to be some special force protecting her organs and other vital parts. Otherwise, this aura of death could have already taken her life.

Huo Yuhao quickly made an accurate judgment that he couldn’t treat Tang Wutong, at least not with his current strength. His best choice would be to take Tang Wutong back to the Clear Sky Sect.

Only the Clear Sky Sect’s two leaders understood Tang Wutong’s cultivation best, and only they would know how to heal her.

But I haven’t been able to protect her yet again, so how can I face the two sect leaders if I go back there? Huo Yuhao didn’t know, but he knew that he had to go. What would happen to him was no longer important, because what was important was that Tang Wutong could get better.

Huo Yuhao quickly made up his mind.

He wasn’t like he used to be, and even though his heart was filled with grief and pain, he still chose to stand up resiliently. To be overcome by intense grief was a display of weakness, and he had to be strong.

“Xiao Xiao, can I trouble you to take care of her? I need to deal with some matters before I take her for treatment.” Huo Yuhao said to Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao nodded and said, “Don’t worry. Elder Xuan has made an exception to allow me into the Sea God’s Pavilion to look after Wutong. You have contributed greatly to the academy this time, so you can just go ahead and do what you wish to. We will do all we can to help you if you need our help, and we will do our best to help her recover.”

“Yes,” Huo Yuhao nodded before he stepped out of the room.

Elder Xuan, Yan Shaozhe, and Xian Lin’er were already waiting quietly outside.

“Elder Xuan,” Huo Yuhao’s voice was trembling a little when he saw Elder Xuan, and the grief in his heart surged.

Elder Xuan patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t be sad, Yuhao. I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to protect you and Wutong.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head. “Elder Xuan, has the Sun Moon Empire’s army retreated?”

Elder Xuan nodded and replied, “They’re gone, and it seems like they’re retreating into the Heavenly Soul Empire’s original territory. I don’t know where they’re going afterwards, because their lockdown on surveillance is very tight.”

Huo Yuhao said, “According to our deal, she will leave the academy alone for now. Elder Xuan, there are some things I have to give you which will guarantee the academy’s safety. Can you ask the Star Luo Empire and Dou Ling Empire’s elites to return home as quickly as possible so that they can prepare to deal with the Sun Moon Empire’s invasion?”

“The Sun Moon Empire has taken quite a hit from what has transpired. I have destroyed one of their beast-ranked soul engineer legions, and several of their Class 9 soul engineers have perished in battle. The Holy Ghost Church is also severely hurt, and they’ll need some time to adjust and regain their strength.”

Elder Xuan took the storage ring that Huo Yuhao handed him and asked, “What’s this?”

Huo Yuhao answered, “This contains some Class 9 stationary soul cannon shells that I snatched from the Imperial Dragon Legion’s commander, along with some other soul tools. There are a total of fifteen Class 9 stationary soul cannon shells inside. If they’re all fired at the same time, you can annihilate everything within thousands of square kilometers. These cannon shells will have no problem ensuring the academy’s safety.”

Elder Xuan exhaled deeply. Huo Yuhao had truly solved one of the academy’s major problems all by himself! With these stationary soul cannon shells, Shrek Academy no longer needed the Star Luo and Dou Ling Empire’s elites to guard the city. They could then use their strength directly against the Sun Moon Empire.

Furthermore, even though Huo Yuhao’s one-versus-ten battle wasn’t completed in the end, he had emerged victorious across seven battles. He had severely injured their opponents’ powerful individuals, and dealt an unprecedented blow to the Sun Moon Empire’s morale and momentum. The Sun Moon Empire’s army had been momentarily repelled.

“What are you going to do next, Yuhao? Wutong’s situation…” Yan Shaozhe’s voice seemed a little gloomy.

Huo Yuhao replied, “Dean Yan, I wish to treat sister Xiaotao first, and then I’ll take Wutong for treatment. Only her family knows how to treat her. I don’t know when I’ll return after I leave, but I wish all of you can forgive me. Wutong’s life is everything to me.”

Xian Lin’er said, “You’re a good kid, Yuhao. Feel free to do whatever you need to. I like your personality of courageous love and emotion, and you’ve done enough for the academy.”

Elder Xuan patted Huo Yuhao’s shoulder once more. “Your reputation has been cemented with this battle. Come back as soon as you can, because the academy needs you.”

“Yes. I will return as soon as possible once Wutong’s situation stabilizes.”

Huo Yuhao bid his farewells to Elder Xuan and the two Deans as he left the Sea God’s Pavilion. He kowtowed in front of the Golden Tree once more before he began to chant further away, and opened his spectral gate.

Elder Xuan and the two Deans looked on as the enormous black gate opened, and Huo Yuhao vanished into the darkness.

Yan Shaozhe heaved a faint sigh as he watched the gate that was swiftly closing. “He has truly grown up. He still knows what’s important, and he still knows what he should do even in a time like this. I was a far cry from him when I was his age.”

Xian Lin’er laughed coldly. “Especially about your emotions and your life.”

Yan Shaozhe’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t say anything in response. He could never win an argument against Xian Lin’er about this.

Elder Xuan said, “Shaozhe, gather the three empires’ commanders immediately. We will open a meeting as soon as possible to devise a strategy against the Sun Moon Empire. We can relax a little because the Sun Moon Empire has retreated, but we to make the right move afterward. Otherwise, the War God Empress will astonish us once again.”

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