Volume 42, Chapter 580.3: The Scorpion Tiger Dies and Zhong Li Comes Out

“You’re spouting so much nonsense.” Huo Yuhao said plainly, “aren’t you afraid that I’ll recover all my strength during this time?”

Zhongli Wu laughed out loud. “So what if you recover? Do you really think you can challenge me one-on-one? Furthermore, what you’ve expended before along with the Holy Lady’s strength isn’t that easy to recover from. I’m spouting so much nonsense to you only because I’m confident of defeating you. The heavens and the earth will change as the winds and clouds rumble!”

A strange sight occurred as Zhongli Wu exclaimed those words. The giant dragon beneath his feet suddenly turned green, and the dark clouds in the sky turned green at the same time. Strong winds gusted through the air, and the heavens and earth did seem to change in that moment.

Wind! This was the power of wind, and Zhongli Wu was completely unlike an evil soul master at this point.

Strong winds billowed as tiny tornados appeared in the sky and swept toward Huo Yuhao. Frightening winds gusted at him, and the elements of water in the sky swiftly plummeted as Huo Yuhao’s...

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