Chapter 58.3: The Boundary Between Life and Death

Book 9: Escape

Chapter 58.3: The Boundary Between Life and Death

An extreme coldness.

The three Soul Kings instantly felt the terrifying effects of the Ultimate Ice element. For a moment, they felt as though the blood in their veins had frozen. They lost complete control over their bodies and were suspended midair in their previous positions as they tried to make their move.

However, they were suspended three hundred meters above the ground. And once airborne, if you don’t go up, you fall down. Therefore, the three Soul Kings soon began to fall from the sky like meteors after remaining suspended for a bit.

The green light had only flickered through the sky for a moment, but as soon as it disappeared the Soul Kings began to fall. At the same time, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s expressions turned pale.

Even though the green light released from Huo Yuhao’s body hadn’t targeted Wang Dong, just being near it had caused Wang Dong to be afflicted with a terrifying feeling of coldness. He still felt his wings go somewhat numb despite not being in direct contact with it. Luckily, his wings were already wide open when he was hit by the terrifying coldness. As such, they kept flying straight.

On the other hand, Huo Yuhao’s face had turned pale due to his excessive consumption of soul power. At the same time, his body had to withstand the burden of all that soul power. However, he couldn’t relax yet. He knew that, even though it was strong, that attack just now was nowhere near enough to deal with someone as strong as a Soul King. Furthermore, a fall from their height wasn’t enough to kill them either.

The thruster in his right hand turned jade green in color. Afterwards, it began to emit a dazzling red light as he poured his remaining soul power into it. When he did so, it released a streak of white flames and they were immediately propelled towards Shrek City from their current altitude of three hundred meters.

Huo Yuhao had begun to plan how to run away as soon as the Skydream Iceworm had told him about the enemies lying in ambush. Luckily he’d been warned ahead of time, thus he’d had a lot of time to think.

They would normally die for sure against people as powerful as their opponents. As such, fighting them head-on hadn’t been an option. Thus, they could only rely on something out of the ordinary.

Huo Yuhao’s plan had started the moment they’d turned around to run away. He’d since done everything in his power to achieve their current state.

Now that they were flying at an altitude of three hundred meters, even a Soul Emperor —so long as they couldn’t fly—wouldn’t be able to easily reach them with an attack from the ground.

It wasn’t that a high-ranked soul master couldn’t fly, but one still needed to be at least a Soul Sage to do so. Only then would one be able to use their powerful soul power to fly for a short amount of time. As such, a Soul Emperor still fell short in this field.

Because of this, they would only be relatively safe at a high altitude. However, they still needed to be lucky; if that Soul Emperor also had a soul skill that enabled him to fly, they wouldn’t stand a chance. However, at this critical moment, the goddess of luck had favored them.

Just as Huo Yuhao had predicted, the three Soul Kings that fell from the sky were only able to recover from their frozen state once they’d descended over a hundred meters. They opened their wings with great difficulty and slowed their fall. Even though they were flustered, they’d still been able to regain their composure before they hit the ground. However, they were now unable to reach their two targets that were still soaring through the sky.

The Soul Emperor, who was in hot pursuit, suddenly increased his speed and headed towards the place where Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong would land. At this point, he knew that his chances of success were already quite low; his mission would end in failure if he couldn’t catch and kill them before they entered Shrek City. However, he still wanted to make one final attempt. If he wasn’t able to succeed after this, he would have to flee as fast as possible.

The speed that a Soul Emperor could achieve wasn’t something that Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong could even imagine with their shallow cultivations. Furthermore, the sixth soul ring of this Soul Emperor was an awe-inspiring ten thousand year black soul ring.

The Soul Emperor ran as fast as he could until he reached the Shrek City’s northern gate. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were still around two hundred meters from the city walls when he reached the gate. As soon as he reached the gate, he put the tip of his foot into the city wall and began to climb it at an astonishing speed. It only took him an instant to reach the top.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong had consumed most of their soul power by this point. Furthermore, Wang Dong’s wings were still under the effect of the green light that Huo Yuhao had released a while ago, and Wang Dong definitely wasn’t a Soul King! Most of his qi and blood had been frozen, thus he couldn’t release any more power to fly upwards. Thus, they could only helplessly watch as the Soul Emperor standing atop the city walls soared into the sky and charged directly towards them.

The Soul Emperor suddenly lifted his right hand in midair; he was pointing a broadsword enshrouded in pitch-black flames at them. The pitch-black flames seemed to originate from his ten thousand year soul ring. There was no doubt that it would be impossible for Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong to defend against this kind of attack.

At this time, three forms were running at an incredible speed atop the city’s walls. The one in front was Bei Bei; his body was already covered with dragon scales, and his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon martial soul was on full display. Following him were Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan.

The number of soul rings on Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi’s bodies wasn’t three, but four. Two of their soul rings were yellow, while the other two were purple. This clearly meant that they had both already become Soul Ancestors.

However, even when the pair saw them, Wang Dong felt that they were so close, and yet so far. They wouldn’t make it in time…

“Wang Dong!”

Huo Yuhao suddenly shouted. Afterwards, he hugged Wang Dong tightly in his arms. His Spiritual Detection Sharing had also suddenly disappeared. Wang Dong was immediately startled awake, as the Haodong Power in their bodies had begun seething with excitement.

The area ten meters around them then began to light up, as it had been permeated with a very peculiar radiance from their bodies.

This radiance was extremely strange. It varied between blue, purple, and gold in color. Moreover, many strange and different fluctuations of soul power were blending inside of the intense light.

A huge form appeared behind Wang Dong’s back: It was a complete and absolutely magnificent Radiant Butterfly Goddess.

On the other hand, the image of a large, vertically-pupiled eye appeared behind Huo Yuhao’s body. The eye was pale gold, but its pupil emitted a faint purple radiance.

Those two huge forms then proceeded to overlap in midair. As soon as they did, they began to merge together.

The manifestation of Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes was becoming more and more profound. It had become a purplish-blue color, while the golden color it had previously had had completely disappeared.

On the other hand, Wang Dong’s Radiant Butterfly Goddess manifestation began to burn with goldish-blue flames as it approached Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eye.

As it burned, the Radiant Butterfly Goddess opened her beautiful wings and slowly wrapped them around manifestation of the Spirit Eyes. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were also held together and protected in its embrace.

The huge Spirit Eye seemed extremely mysterious; if you were to look into it, it would almost seem as if there were an endless world inside. As soon as the Soul Emperor got within thirty meters of them, blue, purple, and golden bolts of lightning shot toward him.

These streaks of light seemed almost illusory; the places that the light passed through were illuminated by a radiance that seemed to have come from ancient times. It left a dim and twisted, yet dazzling luster behind.

Both the Soul Emperor and Soul Kings were shocked when they saw this. Even the rapidly approaching Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, and Jiang Nannan were shocked.

The scene in front of them was just too magnificent! The illusory radiance had left a golden road in the sky.

The skill displayed just now had been Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s mighty martial soul fusion, and was also their final trump card.

The Golden Road Amidst Withering Resplendence!

The last time they’d displayed this skill, Huo Yuhao had had one ring, while Wang Dong had had two. But now, they both had two and three rings respectively. Both their cultivation and the strength of their bodies were much stronger than last time. When they’d displayed their martial soul fusion skill, they’d thought that the soul power inside of their bodies was depleted. However, they still managed to squeeze out some latent energy and finally execute their strongest move.

The pitch-black flames on the Soul Emperor’s warblade began to burn even more fervently now. He wasn’t blind, and he could easily tell their cultivation from their soul rings. Even if the scene before his eyes was magnificent, in his mind, one hit from his sword would be enough to put an end to this light, Huo Yuhao, and Wang Dong.

However, he quickly realized his mistake. As soon as his black sword came into contact with the dazzling light, the Soul Emperor’s mind went blank.

The feeling he got was marvelous; he didn’t feel any pain. In fact, he felt like someone dirty stepping into the bathroom and then being thrown into a pool after they’d been stripped naked.

It seemed like everything in his possession had disappeared. His powerful soul rings, sword, and soul skills were all gone. The only thing left was his body, which now resembled a golden statue. However, it immediately fell from the sky towards the city walls.

Nevertheless, the Soul Emperor could still move. However, he felt as if his surroundings were suddenly covered in a golden hue. His soul power was normal, but he felt a burning sensation all over his body, as if he were about to melt. Moreover, he’d unexpectedly lost contact with his martial soul.

Actually, he should consider himself lucky, as he was the first enemy that had withstood the power of an all-out Golden Road.

The power of the Golden Road wasn’t enough to kill a Soul Emperor. However, its terrifying restrictive ability had still been able to momentarily stop him. In fact, this restrictive ability was actually the deprivation of his martial soul.

However, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s remaining strength had also been completely consumed when they launched this final attack. Their soul power wasn’t even enough to maintain their soul rings. Having lost the support of the Radiant Butterfly Goddess, they also fell from the sky towards the walls of the city.

However, a fiery red figure suddenly dashed towards them from a very distant place. Its speed was so fast that it left dozens of afterimages in the sky. It arrived and seized the two of them before Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong could reach the ground, and before the Soul Kings could catch up to them. As soon as it did, it threw the two of them towards Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, and Jiang Nannan, who’d just jumped down from the city walls.

“I really want to see who’s so bold as to attack the students of my Shrek Academy!” A fierce voice suddenly echoed outwards from the red figure. Ma Xiaotao was wreathed in flames and resembled a fire goddess as two phoenix wings stretched behind her back. She looked on with disdain towards the crowd of enemies before her.

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