Chapter 58.2: The Boundary Between Life and Death

Book 9: Escape

Chapter 58.2: The Boundary Between Life and Death

However, the thruster he’d equipped was only a Class 1 soul tool. It instantly overheated when it was activated with their combined Haodong Power. Despite the thruster reaching its maximum possible speed, they were stuck in an embarrassing situation where it would explode after continued use. Huo Yuhao had no choice but to stop. Wang Dong, on the other hand, took the opportunity to unfurl his wings and fly into the air with the support of Huo Yuhao’s soul power.

Their six assailants reacted, then broke cover. Soul rings lit up on all six of their bodies, and five of the six had five soul rings on them, while the sixth was actually a six-ringed Soul Emperor. Three of them instantly rose into the air, releasing their respective flying techniques, and all six of them rapidly chased after Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao.

The disparity in strength between the two parties was simply too great. Though the two of them had taken a sudden head start by taking advantage of their unawareness, the distance between the two parties rapidly closed as their assailants sped up.

Their Haodong Power was extremely powerful, but it could only allow their fused strength to reach the three-ringed level of strength at most. They simply had no chance of winning against their assailants in a direct confrontation.

Their three enemies that had taken flight were rapidly approaching, and all three of them were five-ringed Soul Kings. However, Wang Dong had already flown fifty or so meters into the air, so it wouldn’t be easy for their enemies to attack them at this distance. Furthermore, Wang Dong’s current speed wasn’t much slower than that of the people who were chasing them on the ground.

They were currently several thousand meters from Shrek Academy’s northern gate.

Huo Yuhao raised his hand, causing a ball of red light to soar several hundred of meters into the sky before exploding and turning into countless reddish-gold dots that spread through the sky.

The six-ringed Soul Emperor immediately had a change in expression. They were all dressed in black, and their faces were all covered. He couldn’t help but let out a low roar after seeing this reddish-golden light. “Didn’t he say they were just core disciples? This is clearly Shrek Academy’s inner courtyard’s distress signal. Quick, hurry up and kill them. We’re leaving immediately!” His last roar was amplified by his soul power.

Though this was the outskirts of Shrek City, Shrek City’s foundation was Shrek Academy!

Just who were in Shrek Academy? As long as a single one of those peak existences came out, they could easily crush them all to death. They simply had no time to waste here.

One of the three midair assailants immediately activated a powerful soul skill after hearing his roar.

Of his five soul rings, one was white, two were yellow, and two were purple. He’d activated his fourth soul ring, which was a thousand year purple soul ring.

A dense purple light shone from his wings, and he suddenly flapped them and sped up, charging towards Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong like a meteor.

He was confident in his ability to kill the two of them in one strike as long as he was able to catch up to them.

However, he was simply too overconfident. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were young, but they were still core disciples of Shrek Academy! Furthermore, the former was even a rarely-seen student who’d caused a meeting in Sea God’s Pavilion.

The enemy was rapidly approaching them, but there was only a single person. In a situation like this, the two of them completely relied on their instincts to work together. Wang Dong continued flying forward at full speed, while Huo Yuhao continued to climb up his legs to his body. He used his left hand to hug Wang Dong tightly, while pointing his right towards their assailants.

They were simply in too great of a rush, and Huo Yuhao could only equip a miniature Stationary Soul Crossbow in time.

After he raised his right hand, the three tubes on its surface immediately came out. He poured his soul power into them, causing three bolts of lightning to shoot out.

These three crossbow bolts were pitch-black, and they wouldn’t reflect light in this darkness. Furthermore, Fan Yu had specially taught him how to install a silencer during their creation. Because of that, they didn’t make any noise as they flew through the dark night.

This was another advantage of a stationary soul tool. An ordinary soul tool would directly emit the light of soul power, which would practically be a lamppost in the dark night. Only a stationary soul tool could release a completely traceless attack.

However, it was evident that nobody else would be able to aim a stationary soul tool in a situation like this. Only Huo Yuhao, by relying on his Spiritual Detection, could do this.

Wang Dong’s midair figure paused slightly; he’d completed the transfer of soul power between him and Huo Yuhao.

A purplish-gold light shot out from his eyes; for the sake of survival, he’d held nothing back in this attack. After releasing his attack, he immediately transfered his soul power back to Wang Dong, who continued speeding up.

Their assailant had clearly never predicted that the two of them would actually pause to release an attack at him. He’d reached the Soul King rank, but he wasn’t a pinnacle Soul King like those that Shrek Academy produced. His strongest soul ring was merely a thousand year one, and he didn’t have any outstanding points in the field of spiritual power.

When Huo Yuhao had been a one-ringed Soul Master, his combined Spiritual Shock with Wang Dong had even affected Ma Xiaotao for a brief period of time. However, their current strength had experienced a qualitative leap.

The accelerating Soul King felt his head collide with a rigid wall, and he immediately let out a muffled groan. He started bleeding from his nose and mouth, resulting in him being unable to control his flying body. The soul skill that had allowed him to accelerate was also interrupted.

At this exact instant, three pitch-black terrors arrived in front of him soundlessly. With a ‘peng’, they exploded simultaneously. Immediately, a wave of black mist covered him, blocking his entire line of sight.

Huo Yuhao knew that even if he were to strike a Soul King head-on, he would be unable to cause real damage with his Class 1 soul tool. Because of that, he had chosen to interfere with him.

The Soul King paused for a moment, causing the distance between the two parties to increase somewhat. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao had instructed Wang Dong to not only fly forwards, but upwards in order to increase the distance between them and the three experts on the ground. After all, there was a Soul Emperor commanding them down there.

However, their airborne assailants were still five-ringed Soul Kings! Even if their combination of soul rings was subpar, they were still at the Soul King rank. The two Soul Kings who had initially been left behind quickly caught up to the stunned Soul King, and the three of them accelerated together, decreasing the current distance between them and the duo to fifty meters.

“Wang Dong, fly straight up!” Huo Yuhao shouted. At the same time, his two soul rings transformed into a single one, and the enormous crystalline and green tattoo on his back slowly emerged with an incomparably tyrannical aura.

Wang Dong, who had the help of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, could naturally sense the speed that their pursuers were moving at. He was already somewhat despairing.

After all, there was simply too large a gap between the two parties. They had one person with two soul rings, and another one with three. Even if they were even more talented than they already were, there was no chance they could go against three five-ringed experts. Moreover, they would immediately face even more enemies once they fell to the ground. The academy would send some men out after receiving his distress signal, but there was no way they could arrive in time at such short notice. At this moment, they were still two thousand meters from Shrek City.

It was precisely because he was completely blank, and because he trusted Huo Yuhao, that he unhesitatingly followed the latter’s words. He suddenly flapped his wings downwards, then shot straight into the air. For the sake of rising even higher, he aimed the Light of the Butterfly Goddess downwards in order to produce a thrusting force. At this exact moment, the cooldown of Huo Yuhao’s thruster had ended, and he instantly fired it downwards. The two of them moved simultaneously, causing their speed to instantaneously reach the level of their assailants. They flew straight up, resulting in them rising a hundred meters into the air in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, they had already risen more than three hundred meters into the air. From their current position, they could see a patch of light when they looked towards Shrek City.

However, Wang Dong was somewhat exhausted after breaking through the three hundred meter barrier. Huo Yuhao’s thruster had also overheated again, causing their speed to decrease dramatically.

“Unfurl your wings horizontally.” Huo Yuhao commanded Wang Dong.

Wang Dong was stunned. Won’t spreading my wings horizontally decrease my speed even further? I’ll only be able to float in the air!

The absolute confidence that the two of them had in each other finally showed its use at this moment. Though Wang Dong had some doubt in his heart, he still trusted Huo Yuhao’s words unconditionally. He unfurled his wings, causing the speed of his ascent to drop drastically. At this exact moment, the three Soul Kings below them were approaching quickly.

“Five, four, three, two, one…” Huo Yuhao inwardly counted to himself, and Wang Dong suddenly discovered that their fused Haodong Power was pouring towards the former at an incredible rate.

Nothing seemed strange on the surface, but Wang Dong could tell that the current Huo Yuhao was like a filled balloon that was compressing unceasingly.

What’s he doing?

Their three enemies were now only twenty meters away from them, and their soul rings had lit up.

Fifteen meters. Their soul skills were already locked and loaded, but the frequency and ways they attacked were all encapsulated within Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection.

Just as the three Soul Kings were about to release their attacks, they suddenly felt something strange. The targets in front of them had suddenly lit up.

A jade-green light suddenly appeared within the pitch-black sky. This light took the form of a single line which instantly spread outwards, outlining the figure of a person, including his spine, ribs, and sternum, as well as all the bones within his torso.

The emerald jade-green light was enchanting, but this alluring sensation only lasted for an instant. Right after that, an eye-piercing jade-green light spread outwards, trapping them within it.

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