Volume 42, Chapter 579.1: Third Fight, Holy Phoenix Lady

Apart from the soul rings that Huo Yuhao was familiar with him, there was an extra blood-red ninth soul ring on her body.

The Holy Ghost Church had gone all-out to nurture her. They even gave her a hundred thousand year soul ring.

Huo Yuhao opened his arms, and a beam of jade-blue light shot out from his backbone. It was his Ice Empress’ Wrath.

Red and jade-blue clashed in the air. It was a confrontation between Ultimate Ice and Ultimate Fire.

A deafening sound echoed, as if hot oil had been spilled onto ice and snow. A huge amount of fog rose instantly.

Ma Xiaotao’s Fire Phoenix disappeared. The last shockwave from Ice Empress’ Wrath hit her, and caused her to shudder.

In terms of cultivation, she was no longer as strong as Huo Yuhao. She wasn’t as strong as that fellow she had almost killed in a manic rage back at the lakeside of the Sea God’s Lake.

Her body turned cold, and Ma Xiaotao went into a bit of a daze. However, the aura of Ultimate Ice was quickly expelled by the phoenix flames in her body.

Ultimate Ice and Ultimate Fire were...

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