Volume 42, Chapter 578.2: Second Fight, Feng Ling

Could ice freeze soul power? Huo Yuhao gave her a definite answer to this question.

A sharp scream sounded. Bright light suddenly exploded from the Evil Phoenix True Body. A purplish sun above its head tore the clouds apart before revealing itself. When this purplish sun appeared, the strength of the Evil Phoenix True Body instantly surged. Cracks started to appear on the frozen parts of its body.

A huge purplish beam of light that was more than ten meters in diameter also shot out from the purplish sun. This beam shot straight towards Huo Yuhao.

Powerful! This was Huo Yuhao’s first feeling. However, he had no intention of stepping back.

His eyes shone with golden light before his body turned ethereal. Following this, a huge vertical eye that was more than ten meters tall also appeared in mid-air.

It was his Martial Soul True Body, Eye of the Asura!

Yes, Huo Yuhao had finally unleashed his True Body.

When his Eye of the Asura appeared, time seemed to slow down. Everything seemed to have been delayed....

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