Volume 42, Chapter 577.2: First Fight, Extermination!

Everyone had gone silent. Even Zhongli Wu, who had been brimming with confidence, became quiet.

During the two hours before the battle, Zhongli Wu had made a series of plans, and Wu Yun was the first pawn he had decided to send out.

Zhongli Wu was definitely able to guess what Ju Zi had managed to guess. Huo Yuhao must have the necessary credentials to possess the courage to step forward and challenge ten opponents.

On top of that, Zhongli Wu must have tried to understand Huo Yuhao’s abilities and fighting style. He knew Huo Yuhao was but a Titled Douluo. Hence, his plan was carefully constructed with several considerations in mind.

Zhongli Wu only had a single objective for sending Wu Yun out in the first battle. He wanted to use the strength and viscosity of  Wu Yun’s dark-type powers to burn away Huo Yuhao’s soul power. This would create opportunities for the subsequent opponents Huo Yuhao would have to face. In fact, Zhongli Wu had instructed Wu Yun to surrender when necessary.

After all, it was not easy to nurture an evil soul master to a Titled Douluo. Furthermore, Wu Yun had just successfully become a Transcendent Douluo. Once he was able to consolidate his abilities, he would definitely be a huge asset to the Holy Ghost Church.

A Transcendent...

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