Volume 42, Chapter 577.1: First Fight, Extermination!

He was one of the evil soul masters who went after the Beast God with Zhongli Wu. That endeavor could be considered a huge failure, especially with the number of casualties they had sustained. However, he was the only one who managed to emerge unscathed.

Similar to Di Tian, he also possessed dark-type power. When they were going after the Beast God, he was able to develop a much deeper understanding of dark-type powers by sensing Di Tian’s aura, as well as observing how he controlled his dark-type power. After returning from the hunt, he not only did not sustain any injuries, but also improved his soul power, and had become a Transcendent Douluo. He managed to make a breakthrough past a bottleneck which had restricted his development for several years.

Hence, Huo Yuhao was actually facing an evil soul master who was a Transcendent Douluo for his first battle. On top of that, the evil soul master specialized in dark-type power!

The dark clouds that hung over the sky rolled towards Huo Yuhao and instantly enveloped his entire body.

After reaching the rank of Titled Douluo, the execution of soul skills was no longer the sole deciding...

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