Volume 42, Chapter 576.3: One on Ten!

After gaining his second soul core, Elder Xuan did not only find his abilities greatly enhanced, but also saw the true powerful effects of a second soul core. The enhancement did not just stop at the compression of soul power, but it also increased his potential to new heights.

Elder Xuan was thinking about the possibilities Huo Yuhao would unlock if he were to successfully form his third soul core when he became an Ultimate Douluo rank after perfecting his second soul core. When that happened, Huo Yuhao would truly become one of the most outstanding soul masters ever. At the same time, he would definitely be able to overcome the limits imposed by this world. Even if he were not able to inherit a Godly Seat, he should be freed from the restrictions at Rank 99 once he formed his third soul core.

At the end of the day, all of the above were just guesses made by Elder Xuan. However, those guesses were what he hoped Huo Yuhao could achieve. Of course, he knew how hard forming the third soul core would be after experiencing the challenge of forming his second soul core.

Yuhao, Yuhao! Do you really have to push yourself so hard to become st...

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