Volume 42, Chapter 576.2: One on Ten!

Then, Ju Zi looked over to Zhongli Wu and asked, “Military supervisor, what do you think about this?”

Zhongli Wu said, “Logically speaking, what they have said is entirely correct. All war spoils should be kept by the empire.”

As he finished his sentence, he scanned the Class 9 soul engineers with his cold gaze. The Class 9 soul engineers who fell under his gaze revealed an awkward expression. Even though they were all extremely powerful, they were still a little fearful of the Leader of the Holy Ghost Church.

“However!” It was within everyone’s expectation that Zhongli Wu would not stop at that sentence. “Since Huo Yuhao dares to challenge us, he must possess some special abilities. He is known to be adept at concealing himself, and seems to possess extremely powerful fighting abilities. He can also evade attacks from soul tools extremely well. Hence, it might be better for soul masters to go up against him rather than soul engineers. From the soul power fluctuations he has exhibited so far, I don’t think he has become a Transcendent Douluo. After all, he is only a bit more than twenty years old. Among the two items which...

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