Volume 41, Chapter 571.3: The Terrifying Beast Lord Soul Engineer Legion

The protective soul barrier didn’t have any temperature on its own. However, the great number of soul rays and shells that had been used to attack earlier caused the temperature inside and outside the barrier to differ slightly.

This was why the snow quickly melted when it fell on the barrier. However, a layer of snow still formed on the barrier, as there was simply too much snow falling. From afar, it seemed like a giant white semicircular object. It was very interesting.

“The temperature in the Dou Ling Empire is really ridiculous. It’s really getting a little cold.” One soul engineer said softly. At the same time, he pulled his clothes closer to the center of his body.

Many soul engineers were sweating from their earlier outburst. As it snowed, the temperature fell drastically. Many of them started to pull their clothes closer to the center of their bodies as a means of keeping warm.

The snow gradually got heavier and heavier. On the surface of the barrier, the accumulated snow also started to thicken. The temperature didn’t fall further, but the soul engineers inside the barrier still felt cold.

Xu Tianyuan commanded a few people to start a fire to keep the rest warm. At the same time, they were also taking turns to eat.

Very soon, piping hot soup was sent to Xu Tianyuan and Xia Xuanchen. Both of them were still full of soul power. They didn’t need to meditate. After taking a few mouthfuls of soup, their bodies started to warm up. They also began to relax.

“Brother Xia! I didn’t expect things to be so successful at the front line and problematic at the back end for this mission.”

A cold light flashed in Xia Xuanchen’s eyes. He downed his soup and said, “When we return, we must not rest until we deal with the Holy Ghost Church. How dare they lay their hands on us? They must be sick of living.”

Xu Tianyuan squinted and exuded a killer aura. “Holy Ghost Church, bloody Holy Ghost Church. I wonder if they’re gone. Right now, I actually do wish they haven’t left. It’s a pity that our detectors can’t find their exact location. Otherwise, even if a Class 9 shell can’t kill them, it’ll still be enough to skin them. Since when have we become so passive?”

Xia Xuanchen said, “I really hate that fellow who can conceal himself. It’s our first time meeting such a soul master. He can conceal himself and prevent us from finding him. Otherwise, he’d be dead even if he were an Ultimate Douluo, given the combined strength of our two soul engineer legions.”

Xu Tianyuan said, “Let’s not talk about that for now. Let’s rest first. Later, we still need to carry out our plan.”

Xia Xuanchen stood up and said, “I’ll take a look at the detectors. We can’t see the outside because of the snow. We can only observe using our detectors. It’s best if we avoid any problems.”

Xu Tianyuan said, “Things should be fine for now. My shell would have hurt many of them. In my opinion, they would have escaped if they’re clever enough.”

Xia Xuanchen nodded, but he was very cautious, and therefore he still went to check.

He returned very quickly. Everything appeared to be fine outside. No enemies had appeared.

The temperature inside the barrier was rising due to the fire that had been lit. However, the temperature outside the barrier was very low due to the falling snow. Very soon, a layer of ice formed on the surface of the barrier due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the barrier. Furthermore, this layer of ice was thickening.

No discoveries were made by the Sun Moon Empire’s detectors, but right now, there was one person silently standing outside the protective soul barrier.

This person’s body temperature was exactly the same as the external air temperature. Thermal detectors were useless against him. Even the oscillations released by oscillation detectors couldn’t manage to detect anything abnormal as they passed through his body. No one discovered any special changes that came from his body.

This person stood outside just like that. His left hand was still on that layer of ice.

The temperature outside was already below zero. The snowflakes in the sky were getting thicker and thicker as they drifted. It was just that the layer of ice blocked the view of those covered by the barrier.

No one realized that there were a few strange forces within that layer of ice. The undulations coming from these few forces weren’t very strong, but they fused perfectly with ice. They also helped to isolate the temperature inside and outside the barrier.

Thermal detectors were used to detect external heat, but they couldn’t judge external temperature. This was why the soul engineers within the barrier didn’t know that the temperature in the outside world was dropping very rapidly.

Time passed second after second. The snow outside the barrier kept getting thicker and thicker along with the layer of ice.

After taking turns to rest and eat, the Imperial Dragon and Evileye Tyrant Soul Engineer Legions remained for another four hours. They were even taking turns to sleep and, used sleep to recover their minds.

Right now, all of them were feeling rather optimistic.

Xu Tianyuan was delighted as he commented, “There’s no movement outside. It seems like they’ve really retreated. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have let us fully recover.” After four hours of rest, he and Xia Xuanchen were back in their peak condition.

However, he forgot that they had wasted four hours of time, even though they had managed to recover within these four hours. To some people, four hours was sufficient to do many things.

“Brother Xu, should we leave now?” Xia Xuanchen asked Xu Tianyuan.

Xu Tianyuan nodded and said, “The layer of ice and snow is already quite thick. We should leave soon and return. Let’s be more wary of any enemies later.”

Xia Xuanchen nodded and said, “Everyone, be alert. Every ten of you will form one team and unleash a linked defensive barrier. Keep a tight formation. We’re preparing to leave.”

All the soul engineers were excited as they discovered that they were about to leave. They had been in here for a long time. They had even fought earlier. They wanted to return and get some proper rest.

Protective soul barriers were formed, and the massive barrier that was covering everyone slowly weakened.

However, they were astonished to discover that there was still a semicircular barrier outside even though their own protective soul barrier had weakened. It was a barrier made out of ice and snow!

“All the snow has turned to ice!” The largest protective soul barrier had now completely disappeared, and was replaced by smaller protective soul barriers. The snow outside didn’t continue to fall. It was like they were in a house made of ice. It was very special.

“Try using soul rays.” Xia Xuanchen said.

Immediately, a soul engineer unleashed a soul ray. Suddenly, a hole appeared, revealing sunlight from outside. At the same time, a gust of chilly air rushed in from this hole.

“Haha, this is really interesting. I didn’t know that our protective soul barrier could still make a house.”

Xu Tianyuan and Xia Xuanchen were both astonished. It was also their first time encountering something like this. However, they couldn’t afford to remain here any longer. Xu Tianyuan immediately gave an order, “Every small team will be a unit. Every unit will fire a soul ray to get rid of this layer of ice. We’ll immediately rise into the air once we leave. We must remain close to one another. Begin.”

The row of soul engineers in front immediately raised their soul tools and fired at the layer of ice!

A series of cracking sounds were heard. The layer of ice was destroyed, revealing the outside world.

Gusts of indescribably chilly air immediately over swept them. These gusts of air struck the barriers that the soul engineers had formed earlier. While the air currents were blocked, the chill still engulfed everyone.

It was really a world of ice and snow outside. Only white could be seen. Snowflakes were dancing everywhere amidst raging winds. They were completely unaware that the outside world had become like that because the layer of ice had blocked their vision earlier.

Just as they were astonished, they also felt the chill invading their bodies.

The temperature dropped to below negative fifty degrees Celsius almost instantly. This was even after their protective soul barriers had isolated part of the cold.

Every soul engineer felt as if ice water had been poured on them. Their blood was about to freeze. Such a sudden change caused them to shudder. All of them subconsciously shuddered, and their movements also became a little stiff.

However, they were soul masters. They quickly circulated their soul power and tried to resist the chill that was invading their bodies. However, this didn’t seem to work at all.

“This is not good.” If Xu Tianyuan and Xia Xuanchen couldn’t tell that something was wrong at this point, they were not fit to be legion commanders.

This extreme level of chill was beyond their idea of ordinary. It was even getting worse, especially when the snowflakes made clanging noises as they scraped the surface of the protective soul barriers.

“Rush out! Rise into the sky.” Xia Xuanchen shouted without any hesitation.

Right now, rushing out was their main priority. Evidently, they had fallen into the enemies’ trap. They couldn’t think about how they did this at this point. However, such a soul skill couldn’t possibly engulf the entire world no matter how strong it was. Once they rushed out and rose into the sky, they would naturally escape the cold.

Xia Xuanchen reacted very quickly. He was also the first to rush out.

However, it was also at this moment that the snow dome that had left them in awe earlier blew apart without any warning.

“Boom boom boom!”

As tremendous booms rang out, countless blocks of Ultimate Ice blew apart. The terrifying explosive force instantly turned into extremely strong air currents that engulfed the protective soul barriers that the soul engineers had formed.

Earlier, ten people had been assigned to one protective soul barrier. This meant that there were many protective soul barriers subjected to this terrifying explosive force.

The combination of ten soul masters with cultivations between four rings and five rings was still quite strong. However, they didn’t stand a chance against a Titled Douluo. This was the difference in absolute strength.

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