Volume 41, Chapter 571.1: The Terrifying Beast Lord Soul Engineer Legion

If their spirit fire wasn’t completely extinguished, these spectral creatures wouldn’t truly die. They could re-absorb power from the spectral demiplane and re-form their bodies.

However, a lot of energy had to be expended to reconstruct undead from spirit fire. The source of this energy was the spectral demiplane.

Through his understanding of spectral demiplanes over these past few years, Huo Yuhao had gradually come to understand that the spectral demiplane was a spatial dimension that Electrolux had opened on his own. It wasn’t as stable as a main dimensional plane like the Douluo Continent. More simply put, the spectral demiplane was like a dimensional plane that was formed using pure energy. Everything inside it was made using energy.

During the process of creation, Electrolux must have used some kind of unknown method to pour in extremely stable energy. This stable power was enough to ensure self-sufficiency. Once the spectral creatures were released from inside to fight, this stable energy would be drained.

Of course, the energy was drained at an extremely slow speed.

However, if this persisted and the energy wasn’t replenished, the energy in the demiplane would sooner or later be completely drained. When that happened, the entire demiplane would collapse.

Of course, such a situation wasn’t realistic.

The more he understood necromancy, the more Huo Yuhao admired and respected Electrolux.

When Electrolux was creating the spectral demiplane, he didn’t just make it stable. He even created a magical flow.

This flow was similar to photosynthesis after plants absorbed water.

If the spectral creatures in the demiplane died in the outside world, some of the energy in the demiplane would indeed be lost. However, this loss would be very little. In that case, how was the energy in the demiplane replenished? It was actually a very simple process – through the non-spectral creatures that went in and out of the demiplane.

Simply put, if Huo Yuhao opened his demiplane and walked in, all the energy in his body would receive some kind of special guidance and transformation within it. A part of his aura would cause a chemical reaction inside the demiplane, thereby increasing the amount of energy in the demiplane. This reaction would only stop after the internal energy of the demiplane was saturated.

What aura did Huo Yuhao bring in? It was light.

It was the aura of light from the outside world. The aura of light that came from sunlight and from one’s heart were the sources of such energy.

As a result, if the inheritor of the demiplane possessed the aura of light in his body, and their abilities weren’t evil in nature, there wasn’t a very high risk that the demiplane would be drained of energy.

Huo Yuhao had brought in three soul engineer legions before! How strong was the power of light that came from three thousand people? As a result, the energy in the demiplane was in a saturated state.

Even so, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t overly drain the energy in the demiplane. After all, these spectral creatures were the foundation of this demiplane. If he drained the energy of this plane too much, there would be problems. Moreover, their existence constituted an army for Huo Yuhao. Although it wasn’t very convenient to use them on the battlefield, they were still very useful in special circumstances, such as now.

What did an army need? Apart from strength, it needed a marshal!

This was also the reason why Huo Yuhao let the spectral army take a break temporarily.

Although the goal of the spectral army was to expend the energy of these two soul engineer legions and not to defeat them, it was still very draining for them to do so. It was naturally best for them to conserve as much as possible.

Suddenly, low-pitched incantations could be heard from all directions. Liches started to straighten their bodies among the spectral creatures. They raised bone staffs. Right now, they were reciting the same incantations as Huo Yuhao.

A terrifying spectral aura quickly rose, and a dense greyish fog engulfed the entire forest. All living creatures in the forest quickly ran for their lives. They didn’t dare to come into contact with the greyish fog.

A terrifying strength was brewing. Both the Imperial Dragon and Evileye Tyrant Soul Engineer Legions were under immense pressure right now. They unwittingly increased the strength of their protective soul barriers. This was because they didn’t know how strong of an attack they were going to be subjected to next, and they also didn’t know when it would come.

They were being drained physically and mentally.

Spectral creatures were naturally ugly and fierce. Any ordinary human’s first reaction when facing spectral creatures would be fear and anxiety. Under such a circumstance, they would be mentally drained much faster than they would be in a normal fight. This was what Huo Yuhao was trying to achieve too.

Right now, the situation was like that. Even Huo Yuhao didn’t expect that the spectral creatures would be able to drain these two soul engineer legions so much.

The recovery of their mental fatigue was even slower than the recovery of their soul power.

The two soul engineer legions had been consecutively attacked by Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. Many soul engineer lives were lost. Right now, they were all alarmed and scared. How could they not be fearful in the face of so many spectral creatures?

Xia Xuanchen and Xu Tianyuan’s train of thought was very clear. In fact, they were well-aware that the enemy in hiding didn’t have the intention of defeating two beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions using a spectral army. The enemy’s true intention should have been to force them back into the sky.

Since this was the case, there must be some kind of trap in the air. If the enemy was an evil soul master, it was highly possible that he wasn’t the only one.

This was why both legion commanders were very composed right now. They could only wait for the enemy to reveal himself. They weren’t too concerned about the spectral army. However, they had neglected their soul engineers’ psychological changes.

The incantations lasted for a minute. Following this, a greyish air current swept towards the linked defensive barrier formed by the two soul engineer legions.

Without any orders, all types of soul tools were immediately unleashed. They were used to dissipate the greyish air current that was surging towards them.

However, the two soul engineer legions were astonished to find that their attacks didn’t have any effect on the greyish air current.

Yes, there wasn’t any effect at all. It didn’t even achieve the slightest effect.

How’s this possible? The same thought appeared in everyone’s mind.

After this, they found that the greyish air current stopped when it was some distance away from them. After this, it settled to the ground. It didn’t invade their defensive formation.

Just as the soul engineers heaved a sigh of relief, their eyes opened wide at the next instant.

The bones and mangled corpses that were originally on the ground re-formed as they were nourished by the greyish air current. They turned into skeletons and vampires that crawled up from the ground.

It was important to know that there were many spectral creatures that had died on the battlefield under the hands of soul tools. Right now, the revival of these spectral creatures caused the entire place to be populated.

The more terrifying thing was that every soul engineer developed the belief that spectral creatures couldn’t die any further. This was the scariest part.

In fact, spectral creatures could only remain ‘alive’ for a restricted period of time. However, these soul engineers didn’t know that! They also didn’t notice that these spectral creatures that were revived weren’t as strong as the Abominations and Terror Knights. They were only skeletons and vampires, which were on the lower tiers among spectral creatures.

Humans could unleash terrifying strength in the face of fear. This was something not to be doubted.

As a result, the fighting strength of the two soul engineer legions was completely unleashed.

Dazzling lights struck the spectral army, causing many of the spectral creatures to be torn to pieces.

The skeletons and vampires took only a few steps before they were torn apart.

Countless soul engineers were roaring furiously. They were unleashing their strongest soul tools in the most maniacal way possible. They were attacking furiously.

An energy storm raged, and frightening soul rays and cannon shells caused this entire region to turn into a region of death.

There were no longer any corpses. When the spectral creatures collapsed this time, their bodies directly turned to dust. Even the ground started to cave in a little because of this intense clash between the spectral creatures and the two soul engineer legions.

From above, only a huge ball of light could be seen. Nothing else could be seen at all.

At the very start, Xu Tianyuan and Xia Xuanchen were very comforted by the offensive strength of their two soul engineer legions. However, they felt that something was amiss very soon. Their soul engineer legions were a little too fierce, and there seemed to be something wrong with their morale. It wasn’t just at a high; there was something else.

Fear? Xia Xuanchen soon realized that his soul engineers were all fearful right now.

He had finally realized it. However, his realization came too late.

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