Chapter 57.3: The Golden Left Arm Bone

Book 9: Escape

Chapter 57.3: The Golden Left Arm Bone

However, Jiang Nannan didn’t even spare him a glance. She walked directly towards Huo Yuhao’s group of three with a smile and nodded at them; it was as if Xu Sanshi didn’t even exist in her eyes.

Xu Sanshi also hurriedñy made his way over. However, Jiang Nannan suddenly turned around, revealing a murderous look. “If you keep following me, I’ll leave Shrek Academy.”

“Ah…” Xu Sanshi immediately stopped. It seemed that he had really no chances of conquering Jiang Nannan.

Looking at Jiang Nannan’s disappearing silhouette, Bei Bei exclaimed, “Junior brother, you have a long way to go!”

Xu Sanshi had an ugly complexion as he said, “Bei Bei, you’re my senior brother. Can you teach this junior brother a few tricks? I’ve tried everything in my power, but she won’t give me a single chance.”

Bei Bei was also curious as he said, “I’m surprised too. If we consider looks, talent and strength, you’re actually quite good among the students. If Jiang Nannan wants to look for someone stronger than you in our grade, it won’t be easy! Of course, I’m an exception. And I’m already booked anyway. By the way, why is she so unwilling to talk to you? Looking at the two of you, you should have known each other before coming to the academy. And after all these years, you’re still like this. What exactly happened between the two of you before you came here?”

“Ah…” Xu Sanshi had an awkward expression. His face was still a bit red when he said, “I can’t say it, I absolutely can’t say it. I’m going to take a stroll now.” After saying these words, he quickly slipped away.

Bei Bei shook his head helplessly. He had always been curious about what had happened between Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan.

“Junior brothers, what are you going to buy? There are many good things at the Treasure Appreciation Auction. The two of you should take a look around, I’ll also go for a walk.” Saying this, he also left.

Wang Dong said heartily, “As I see it, Senior Brother Xu Sanshi is a very good person. He’s very dedicated and resolute when it comes to his feelings. I don’t understand what Senior Sister Jiang dislikes about him. You should learn from them.”

Huo Yuhao was dumbfounded. “Learn what? I don’t even know what happened between them.”

Wang Dong snorted as he said, “Except for cultivating, what can you even think of? You’re a complete blockhead.”

Huo Yuhao scratched his head. “We’re students, what should we think of besides studying properly? Anyway, take a look at this soul bone and tell me if it’s suitable for you or not.”

As he spoke, he arrived beside the golden-red arm bone and inspected it earnestly.

Wang Dong kicked the air behind his back when he left. Then, he resentfully followed behind him.

The arm bone was completely enshrouded in its own reddish-gold radiance. Underneath it was a plate with a detailed description.

Golden Left Arm Bone.

This arm bone had come from a ten thousand year Golden Earth Dragon King that had an affinity with the light element. It was speculated that it could use light-type attacks. This bone was very suitable for soul master with an affinity for the light element. And the skill that came with it was likely to be an assault-type skill.

Although a bit diluted, the Golden Earth Dragon King still possessed the pure bloodline of the light dragon race. Moreover, that was now concentrated completely in this soul bone. This arm bone contained the essence of a ten thousand year Golden Earth Dragon King. The word ‘pure’ was the key here, because, although diluted, it had still inherited more characteristics of the light dragon race than those with mixed bloodlines. It was a pity that it had been killed when it was only ten thousand years old. Had it reached the hundred thousand year rank, it would have become an existence akin to a king of beasts.

The soul bone was priced at 9.5 million Gold Soul Coins.

When Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong saw this price, their pupils immediately shrank.

As time passed, the worth of Gold Soul Coins also kept increasing. For example, the expenses of a family of three amounted only to a few dozen Gold Soul Coins per year. So what could you do with 9.5 million Golden Soul Coins? You could take ten thousand cavalrymen and arm them to the teeth, horses included.

As expected, soul bones were one of the most expensive things on the continent. Moreover, it wasn’t even a hundred thousand year soul bone. Had it been a hundred thousand year soul bone, it wouldn’t even have a price, because it would truly be a priceless treasure. However, a soul bone of that rank had never been auctioned or traded by anyone, because they were treasures that would attract even Titled Douluo. Even shops like the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, which dared to exhibit a ten thousand year soul bone, were extremely few in number. This was because they had confidence in being able to protect their goods.

Huo Yuhao smiled bitterly and said to Wang Dong, “Can you still afford it?”

“Why is it so expensive?” Wang Dong said, astonished, “From what I remember, although expensive, the price of a soul bone will rarely surpass 3 million Gold Soul Coins!”

Huo Yuhao said, “I reckon it’s so expensive due to that ‘pure’ word. A soul bone with a pure dragon bloodline can’t be cheap, right? The stuff here is really good, but the prices are also very high. I wonder if I can get it through my VIP card. This soul bone is probably the most expensive thing in this Treasure Appreciation Auction. No wonder it’s still here and no one’s bought it, the price is just too high.”

Wang Dong turned his head and looked to Huo Yuhao, “Yuhao, it’s too expensive. I think I understand what the academy wants. The academy’s giving you these privileges because you have great talent and an Ultimate martial soul. The more precious the thing you take from here is, the more you’ll feel indebted to the academy. And in the future, you’ll surely need a lot of these things. With that, you’ll be tied down to the academy. Yuhao, if you want to be free, you can’t take things from here as you wish.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head lightly as he said, “When I heard that voice just now, I was already clear about the situation. However, you also know that I don’t have a choice. According to what Teacher Zhou said, no matter if it’s a soul master or a soul engineer, the only way they have to get stronger is by relying on a huge amount of resources. Without enough money, how are you going to buy soul bones? How are you going to buy those precious materials to build soul tools? Even if a soul master can get stronger by himself, the road he’ll have to walk will be more difficult, and he will have a greater chance of meeting hardships that will break his will. If I didn’t have this enmity that I bear, perhaps I would have chosen that path. But the current me can only rely on the academy… Anyway, it’s still better than relying on countries or powerful families. Also, I like our academy. For the first time after my mother died, I felt the warmth of home by staying here. Today, I’ll receive something from the academy. But in the future, I’ll be sure to repay it.”

Wang Dong looked carefully at Huo Yuhao. He knew that this guy that seemed nothing more than a blockhead was actually more mature than his peers. Under that gentle face, he had a blazing heart.

Wang Dong finally gave up and replied, “Fine, I’ll take this soul bone. You can go and make the exchange; I still want to take another look at it.”

A smile immediately blossomed on Huo Yuhao’s face. He patted his shoulder and walked toward the counter on the western side.

Wang Dong looked at his back, and his expression turned gentle. “What you said is right. Today, I’ll receive something from you. But in the future, I’ll be sure to repay it.”

The deal was sealed more quickly than he had imagined. After a short while, Huo Yuhao returned to Wang Dong’s side. He whispered in his ear, “Let’s go! The Treasure Gathering Pavilion will keep the identity of the buyer secret. After a while, this soul bone will be picked up and delivered directly to the academy. It’s not safe to take something so precious with us.”

Wang Dong said, “Do you want to buy something? I can still buy things on credit. If you need something, I’ll buy it for you.”

Huo Yuhao was about to shake his head when he suddenly heard the cold voice of the Ice Empress. “You absolutely can’t miss that thing on the third stand to your left.”

Huo Yuhao was surprised. He said to Wang Dong, “Let’s take a look around.” With that, he moved toward the third stand on the left as the Ice Empress had told him.

The article displayed on this stand hadn’t attracted their attention earlier because it was really too unremarkable. It was just a black crystal. Its surface was uneven, and the color was dim and lacked any luster. Compared to that Golden Left Arm Bone from before, there was a difference between heaven and earth.

Above it, there was also a description, “Thousand Year Whale Rubber. Whale Rubber is a special material that is only produced in the brains of whale-type soul beasts. It’s a very good tonic for soul masters. It can strengthen the body, enhance the muscles and bones, and also increase the capacity of one’s meridians. This piece of Whale Rubber was bought by the pavilion in the past, and according to the seller, it came from a thousand year Devilwhale. Generally speaking, the Whale Rubber of a thousand year Devilwhale should be golden, and worth a lot. This amount of Whale Rubber is capable of thoroughly remoulding a soul master’s body. However, this piece of Whale Rubber is black. And according to the pavilion’s analysis, it decayed over time, and was partially ruined. It can still be used as before, but the effect might be somewhat weaker.”

The price of this Thousand Year Whale Rubber wasn’t high; it was only six thousand Gold Soul Coins.

Somewhat puzzled, Wang Dong said, “Yuhao, are you really interested in this thing? I’ve seen Thousand Year Whale Rubber before. It was bright gold, and looked like a golden crystal. That was some real high-quality Whale Rubber. Such a large piece of Whale Rubber should be worth at least fifty thousand Gold Soul Coins. If they’re selling this one for only six thousand, it shouldn’t be very high-quality.”

“Oh? You know about Whale Rubber?” Huo Yuhao asked curiously.

Wang Dong nodded and said, “Whale Rubber is a very precious material. However, you can only consume it after melting it over a flame with a very high temperature. Eating it will improve a soul master’s body. For example, right now, you can absorb at most the soul ring of a thousand year soul beast. However, if you eat a big piece of Whale Rubber, your body’s capacity for soul rings will increase by at least five hundred years. Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Whale Rubber is indeed beneficial for us soul masters, but there are some problems. After all, we can’t judge a soul beast’s cultivation with absolute precision, nor can we judge whether or not a particular product is suitable to absorb. Moreover, if you meet a soul beast that’s suitable for you, you’ll hardly check if its age is above the limit or not. Therefore, although good, Whale Rubber’s worth is somewhat inferior to its price. And I’m not even talking about this low-quality Whale Gel. If you eat this, you’d be lucky to not get diarrhea…”

Huo Yuhao was at a loss. However, he still hurriedly said, “Wang Dong, help me buy this piece of Whale Gel. Quick.”

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