Chapter 57.2: The Golden Left Arm Bone

Book 9: Escape

Chapter 57.2: The Golden Left Arm Bone

The card had the words ‘Treasure Gathering Pavilion’ engraved on it, but it was otherwise unadorned.

Little Red gazed at the red card in Huo Yuhao’s hand with jealousy. She then said, “Mr Huo, this VIP card allows you a 40% discount within our Pavilion, which is the highest discount we can give anyone. Furthermore, you can also redeem any item you wish from our Treasure Appreciation Auction once a year with it.”

Wang Dong asked curiously, “How many cards like this does your pavilion have?”

Little Red shook her head. “I’m sorry, but I’m not very clear with regards to that. Every single person in possession of a top-ranked VIP card is an extremely honoured guest of our pavilion. Moreover, all VIP cards have slight differences. For example, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of something like Mr. Huo’s privilege, where he’s allowed to choose a single treasure for free every year.”

Suddenly, a warm voice rang out in Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s ears, “There’s no need for you to feel astonished. Go and pick what you need. The Treasure Gathering Pavilion is a part of the academy, thus it’s naturally aware of your situations. The academy was the one who chose to give Huo Yuhao a top-ranked VIP card. However, you two have to keep this a secret; you can’t reveal the relationship between the academy and the pavilion to others, nor can you reveal your VIP ranks. If you do, you’ll be stripped of your privilege to enter this place.”

This was the first time they’d ever heard this voice, yet they felt an immense sense of pressure as soon as they did. Just this person’s voice had been nigh unbearable for the two of them. They naturally didn’t dare to ask any more questions and hurriedly turned to leave the front desk.

A figure slowly appeared in front of the front desk soon after the two of them had left. The workers present all bowed respectfully when they saw him.

The newcomer was an old woman who had a head of white hair and a ruddy complexion. She’d recently attended the conference held in the Sea God’s Pavilion. She was Elder Lin, who’d sat next to Xian Lin’er, and was also the Pavilion Master of the Treasure Gathering Pavilion.

She hadn’t lied when she’d said that the Treasure Gathering Pavilion was a part of academy, as the Treasure Gathering Pavilion was still a business that belonged to Shrek Academy. However, she’d intentionally left out one thing: the Treasure Gathering Pavilion didn’t belong to the academy itself; rather, this action was one of the points that had been discussed during the conference held at the Sea God’s Pavilion. She would normally be the only person who would control everything within the pavilion.

It was of course normal for a student like Huo Yuhao—someone who could trigger a conference at the Sea God’s Pavilion—to obtain a top-ranked VIP card from the Treasure Gathering Pavilion. This was also deluded by the conference. The academy didn’t say anything on the surface, but they naturally hoped that Huo Yuhao would rapidly mature and be of use to the academy. The academy would absolutely not be miserly to a talent on this level. This was also a reason why Shrek Academy, not only had outstanding students, but a group of powerful elders and teachers. Practically all of them had gone through the same process that Huo Yuhao was now going through. Only, the treatments they’d received at his age weren’t as high as this.

Giving him help via the Sea God’s Pavilion was equivalent to concealing everything from the other students within the academy. After all, only the top-level figures who could participate in the meeting held within the Sea God’s Pavilion knew of the relationship between the Treasure Gathering Pavilion and Shrek Academy. This way, even if the academy tried to rope in and help Huo Yuhao, it wouldn’t give rise to dissatisfaction from core disciples of the outer courtyard, or even students of the inner courtyard. Thus, why wouldn’t they do it this way?

However, Shrek Academy wouldn’t bet all of its resources on a single student. Regardless of how special a student was, he would only be a piece of trash if he lost his ambition and drive. Because of that, Huo Yuhao would only receive a single free item each year. Yet, he simply had too many treasures he needed as a person who dual-cultivated in the Martial Soul and Soul Tool Departments. The choice of this item would be left up to him, but he would have to rely on his own hard work if he wished to obtain any more items.

“Let’s go and take a look at that soul bone.” Without any hesitation at all, he headed towards the soul bone that Wang Dong had seen earlier.

Wang Dong hurriedly tugged at his sleeve. “Yuhao, you don’t need to. I can buy it myself.” He naturally understood Huo Yuhao’s intentions. There was no doubt that he was going to use his privileges to help Wang Dong get that soul bone.

Huo Yuhao turned around and looked at Wang Dong in a very serious manner.

Wang Dong gradually felt somewhat awkward under his gaze. “What’re you looking at me for?”

Huo Yuhao said, “Wang Dong, do you still remember when Teacher Zhou gave me that soul bone? I used it, but I didn’t fuse with it. Instead, I used it as a medium to fuse with another high-ranked soul bone. I can’t tell you how I got that soul bone, but I definitely wouldn’t have been able to fuse with it without the use of the Secret Law Soul. Xiao Xiao and I already have soul bones, but the attack-type soul master in our team, you, doesn’t have one. It’s definitely in the team’s best interests that you be our first choice when we get another one.”

With that, he paused for a moment before continuing, “Moreover, the friendship between us definitely can’t be measured using any benefits or money whatsoever. We’re partners who can use a fusion skill! From another standpoint, the two of us are a single entity. If you get stronger, our strength as a whole will similarly increase. If you think of me as a brother, don’t say anything else. Go.”

As he spoke, he walked towards the soul bone while holding onto Wang Dong’s hand.

The reddish-golden soul bone had attracted a lot of attention. Anyone who could participate in the Treasure Appreciation Auction was a core disciple of the outer courtyard, and there were many of them that the two of them recognized.

“Senior brother.” Huo Yuhao immediately saw the gentle and cultured Bei Bei, but he didn’t see Tang Ya beside him. Evidently, Tang Ya wasn’t a core disciple of the academy. However, the person standing beside him was someone that they both recognised; it was Xu Sanshi, who possessed the Xuanwu Turtle. He was currently speaking to Bei Bei with a hand on his shoulder.

The two of them simultaneously looked up after hearing Huo Yuhao’s cry. It turned out they weren’t looking at the soul bone, but another item beside it.

“Juniors, you’ve come as well.” Bei Bei walked up to them with a smile on his face.

Xu Sanshi’s eyes immediately lit up after he saw Huo Yuhao. With a look of faux-anger on his face, he said, “Yuhao, I haven’t eaten your roasted fish for a long time. I’ve heard that you’ve been shining extraordinarily for a while, and even Dean Yan wants you. But why’d you run over to the Soul Tool Department?”

Huo Yuhao chuckled. “Big Brother Xu, you ask too many questions. I don’t know how to answer all this at once. In any case, nothing has changed; I’m training in both the Soul Tool Department and the Martial Soul Department.

Xu Sanshi said, “It’s good that you two have come. Help give this guy some advice. I’ve just told Bei Bei that I’ll definitely join the Tang Sect as long as you guys can get Jiang Nannan to join. How about it?”

The two of them were both astonished after hearing that. Like Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi was a core disciple. Moreover, Xu Sanshi was already a sixth year student who wasn’t far away from Bei Bei in terms of cultivation. In reality, he was even younger than Bei Bei as a result of having entered the academy at a young age.

The Xuanwu Turtle was a top-ranked defensive martial soul, and though it wasn’t as powerful as an Ultimate one, it could be considered at the peak of the defense system. Furthermore, Xu Sanshi definitely had some sort of background since he had been able to inherit a martial soul like this. All of this would definitely be of enormous use to the Tang Sect.

Yet, Bei Bei turned a blind eye to this. “What do you think the Tang Sect is? A tool to help you chase after girls? Go away.”

Instead of becoming angry, Xu Sanshi laughed mischievously. “Who asked Nannan to be on such good terms with your Little Ya? Just go and ask Little Ya to get Nannan to come here. A person with Nannan’s personality won’t easily leave the Tang Sect after she enters it. At that time, I’ll come in. Won’t my chances be much better then?”

Bei Bei sighed lightly. “Although you’re not a good fella, I have to admit that you’re practically infatuated. For the sake of Jiang Nannan, you’ve actually stayed in Year 5 and refused to enter Year 6. If it weren’t for the fact that you were a core disciple, you would’ve already been expelled from the academy.”

Xu Sanshi made a long face. “I have no choice! Who asked her to be my first love? I’m willing to do anything for her.”

Xu Sanshi had actually decided to stay behind for Jiang Nannan’s sake? Shrek Academy actually had a person as strange as this.

“Even this is possible?” Huo Yuhao blurted.

Xu Sanshi smiled cunningly. “Why wouldn’t it be possible? It was even Bei Bei who inspired me to do it. Why do you guys think he’s in a year lower than mine even though he’s older than me? Isn’t it all for the sake of staying with Little Ya? Did you guys think he was praising me? He was clearly praising himself. That’ll be good; Little Ya, Bei Bei, Nannan and I will all be in the same class. However, Bei Bei, your Little Ya isn’t in a good position! Looking at her cultivation, she’ll have some difficulty graduating from the outer courtyard, much less entering the inner courtyard.”

Bei Bei sighed. “She’s already been working hard these two years. But you know how hard it is to cultivate Bluesilver Grass. After all, she doesn’t have the Bluesilver Emperor like the Tang Sect’s Ancestor. She can only do her best. I’ve already thought it through; if Little Ya can’t enter the inner courtyard, I won’t enter either. I’ll follow her travelling around the continent.”

Xu Sanshi immediately felt nothing but respect for him. “Good! You’re worthy of being called a man that I, Xu Sanshi, have witnessed it! You’re righteous in your love.”

“You… scram.” Bei Bei said unhappily, and stamped his foot.

Bei Bei clearly hadn’t used much force, but Xu Sanshi let out a miserable shriek, and he flew outwards fiercely. Just as Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong felt astonished, they saw Jiang Nannan appear in the direction that Xu Sanshi had flown towards.

Jiang Nannan wore the black uniform that fifth year students wore, making her beautiful curves even more moving. She was calm and composed as she looked at Xu Sanshi, who was suddenly flying towards her. With an icy look on her face, she fiercely raised her right foot and smashed in down in a cutting motion towards him.

“Ah!” Xu Sanshi was truly sent flying this time around. His body directly moved five meters horizontally, and he flipped around and stabilised himself by placing his hands on the ground.

“Nannan, you’re really heartless! Didn’t you see Bei Bei kick me? It would have been fine if you didn’t help me, but you even kicked me.” Xu Sanshi had a mournful look on his face.

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