Volume 41, Chapter 569.3: Xu Sanshi's Experiences

Another bursting cannon shell flew at them right at this moment, and exploded against their protective barrier.

The two soul engineer legions’ tensed-up and sensitive state couldn’t be resolved in a few moments. They were just accelerating when they subconsciously unleashed their linked defenses to boost its strength, and their movement subsequently paused.

“Over there! The shell came from over there. Why isn’t the commander ordering us to attack?” Even though the soul engineers couldn’t see Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong, they could still tell where the cannon shell came from.

They were members of beast-ranked soul engineer legions, and they were typically very arrogant and full of themselves. These soul engineers were starting to grow furious after Huo Yuhao provoked them a second time.

“Keep your cool, everyone. The Imperial Dragon Legion will not use their linked defensive barrier. The Evil Tyrant Legion will continue maintaining their barrier. Ignore all attacks and continue flying forward.”

Xia Xuanchen calmly gave the order. He was very clear that his enemy, who was in the shadows, hoped to see them fall into disarray. His enemy hoped to see them attack.

The soul engineers’ soul power would be consumed even more quickly if they used their linked offensive soul tools. His enemy would have accomplished his goal if that happened, while their linked attacks would definitely be useless. Xia Xuanchen had directly clashed with those two before, and he was very clear about how powerful they were. They were Transcendent Douluo at least, and they couldn’t be normal Transcendent Douluo. If he didn’t have that mysterious crystal stone, he would have been severely injured even if he wasn’t killed right away. Furthermore, they also possessed sinister concealment abilities and mastery over spatial power, which forced him to be careful and meticulous. They were in a lot of trouble if one of them was even an Ultimate Douluo, and that person could possibly obliterate them all if he unleashed his full strength!

Therefore, maintaining their defenses was a must, but conserving their soul power was also a must. Since their opponent didn’t dare to mount a frontal assault, that meant that his enemies weren’t confident of breaking through by forcing an attack. Right now, they were competing to see who was more patient.

Yes, they were competing in patience. Huo Yuhao was also very patient. Back when he was training as part of the Ultimate Soldier Plan, competing with patience was one of his training’s very important aspects.  

He was also waiting to see who was more patient. He was as patient as anyone could possibly be.

Huo Yuhao fired once, and then changed angles before he fired again.

Ten kilometers was definitely safe. Huo Yuhao’s enemy was a huge target, and his enemy couldn’t lock onto his position. This made them perfect target practice, and his enemy would have range problems if they wanted to hit him. His enemy couldn’t possibly touch him without using stationary soul cannon shells, and such shells were very evident when they were fired. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong would have sufficient time to dodge even if his enemies used a Class 9 stationary soul cannon shell. Therefore, their safety wasn’t a problem. What Huo Yuhao had to do under such circumstances was continue harassing his enemy so that he could irritate those two soul engineer legions as much as possible.

Huo Yuhao executed his plan as he fired a cannon shell every one or two minutes.

The two soul engineer legions couldn’t really adapt in the beginning. Soul engineers continued strengthening their linked defenses as Huo Yuhao continued to attack them, but everyone knew the story of the boy who cried wolf. These soul engineers started to adapt after a while. Their enemy was just firing with a bursting cannon, and every single one of these soul engineers possessed soul tools with stronger attacking capabilities than that bursting cannon.

Aren’t you just harassing us? All we have to do is ignore you. We can rest after flying for a little while longer.

Huo Yuhao continued to harass them even after an hour. However, the Imperial Dragon Legion and Evileye Tyrant Legion’s soul engineers no longer strengthened their linked defensive barrier. The Imperial Dragon Legion’s soul engineers didn’t even release their own linked defensive barrier anymore, and both parties seemed to be at an impasse. Huo Yuhao’s harassment also seemed to lose its effectiveness.

Huo Yuhao fired another bursting cannon shell before he suddenly withdrew the cannon with a flash of silver light. Another new soul cannon suddenly appeared on his shoulder in the next moment. This soul cannon was different from the bursting cannon. First, it was longer.

This soul cannon was more than three meters long, and even Huo Yuhao’s long frame seemed uncoordinated when he was carrying it on his shoulder. Second, this cannon’s style was different. This soul cannon looked like a long spear. The spear’s tip was at the front, while the back of it looked something like an umbrella, like the tip of a gun, and then there was the spear’s shaft. Only the section on Huo Yuhao’s shoulder seemed relatively thicker.

When Huo Yuhao infused his soul power into it, the entire soul cannon radiated peculiar dark green colors.

Circle after circle of dark green hues coursed forward before all the light concentrated at the cannon’s tip. The green light was deep and profound, and one could see upon closer inspection that there was actually a tiny black hole that had appeared at this soul tool’s tip.

This black hole wasn’t the kind that swallowed everything. Instead, it was a phenomenon that would happen when the air shattered.

Normally, offensive strength and speed could tear the air apart when they reached a certain level, and this phenomenon would appear. But the space that had been torn apart would swiftly close back together, while the broken space that was happening right now was continuous. The gash didn’t seem like it was about to close at all.

Tang Wutong was purely a soul master, and she didn’t understand anything about soul engineers at all. But even so, she could feel how terrifying this soul tool was.

Huo Yuhao didn’t fire casually this time. Instead, he activated Spiritual Detection as he lifted that soul cannon to his shoulder and aimed.

He was sharing his Spiritual Detection with Tang Wutong, and she could naturally see who he was aiming at: one of the Imperial Dragon Legion’s soul engineers, who was in the inner circle and resting.

“Tch—” An ear-piercing blast could be heard as a dark green ray burst forth. Huo Yuhao released Tang Wutong’s hand in the moment right before he fired, and his body dashed forward like a lightning bolt. Huo Yuhao crossed several thousand meters in a few seconds as he flew forward at full speed, and he neared his enemy’s defensive soul barrier.  

Huo Yuhao was less than three kilometers away from the protective barrier when the dark green ray was fired. Everything had been calculated through Spiritual Detection.

The dark green light flashed once before it disappeared, and it was like an extended arrow as it struck the linked defensive barrier.

The barrier quivered as a trace of green suddenly appeared on its surface. The barrier didn’t seem any different on the whole, but a small hole appeared at the spot where the barrier had been struck.

The Imperial Dragon Legion and Evil Tyrant Legion’s soul engineers witnessed a harrowing sight in the next moment. Even if they could live through this ordeal, they would never forget what they saw.

The dark green ray fell accurately on a soul engineer from the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineering Legion.

This soul engineer’s automatic protective barrier was immediately activated, but was obliterated in the next moment. And then his entire body was annihilated.

The soul engineer’s body quivered faintly as the dark green ray struck him, and he couldn’t even cry out before his body was vaporized into countless green specks that dissipated into the air.

Those green dots drifted through the air and seemed to contain a strange force. They couldn’t fly out because of the legions’ defensive barrier.

Startled cries could be heard as almost every soul engineer activated their protective soul barriers at the same time.

That green beam was just too frightening. Even though they were soul engineers, they had never seen something so sinister before. How could anyone know that that green light was threatening their lives?

Huo Yuhao turned and left after his successful strike and escaped into the distance.

Xia Xuanchen and Xu Tianyuan looked on with widen eyes and slack jaws, and their hearts were beating out off their chests. Normal soul engineers couldn’t recognize what that was, but how could they not know?

That soul tool could pierce through their linked defensive barrier and instantly annihilate one of the Imperial Dragon Legion’s soul engineers. Wasn’t that a formidable Class 9 single-target offensive soul tool, a super decomposition cannon?

Back then, Huo Yuhao had convinced Xuan Ziwen with a Class 8 decomposition cannon. The one he was using wasn’t a Class 9 cannon. It was a Class 9 decomposition cannon.

Decomposition cannons were terribly frightening no matter what Class they were. Anybody who was struck had almost no chance to survive.

A decomposition cannon’s most salient characteristic was its ability to decompose all energy. Any protective barrier was like paper to such a cannon, and if the target wished to stop a decomposition cannon’s attack, the target’s defensive capabilities had to be three times stronger than the decomposition cannon’s attacking force.

Not even a Class 9 soul engineer unleashing his protective soul barrier with his full strength could block a Class 9 decomposition cannon’s attack. A linked defensive barrier had to be raised to an extremely high level to stand a chance against a Class 9 decomposition cannon.

These two soul engineers could block this attack if they were at their peak condition. But they were too far from their peak condition right now.

They had lost more than two hundred people, while only half their number was maintaining their linked defensive barrier. They didn’t have a chance at stopping that decomposition cannon!

A single life was taken just like that. But that wasn’t the most frightening fact, because the most frightening fact was that the two legions’ soul engineers began to feel intense fear riling their hearts.

“Don’t panic, everyone. Continue maintaining the linked defensive barrier. That was a Class 9 decomposition cannon, and it cannot be fired continuously. Even Class 9 soul engineers can only fire it once a day,” Xia Xuanchen didn’t hesitate as he hollered at his soul engineers.

Even though decomposition cannons couldn’t be used continuously, Xia Xuanchen was spouting nonsense when he claimed that the cannon could only be fired once per day. But he had no choice but to make that claim, because his legion would fall apart otherwise.

Xu Tianyuan glanced at Xia Xuanchen. He didn’t stop him, but his expression was turning darker and darker.

Their enemies weren’t just Transcendent Douluo. There was a Class 9 soul engineer, and that was something they hadn’t expected even in their wildest dreams.

The bursting cannon that was being fired at long range before this could be considered a normal soul tool that any soul master could use. But they had never heard of the Douluo Continent’s empires possessing a Class 9 decomposition cannon!

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