Volume 41, Chapter 568.3: A Surprise Attack within the Cover of Smoke

Xia Xuanchen didn’t hesitate. Light radiated from his body as a crystal suddenly appeared in his hands. This crystal was oval, and about the size of an infant’s head. There were many intricate and sophisticated carvings on its surface, and it emanated majesty from the moment it appeared.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s palm and fist landed on his soul protective barrier at almost the same time. Frightening spiritual power and soul power combined as an ear-piercing sound rang from the Class 9 protective barrier. Cracks appeared in the crystal, and terrifying chills and the domineering aura of Tang Wutong’s Radiant Dragon Butterfly flooded into them.

Right at this moment, that oval crystal erupted with a layer of brilliant golden light. A formidable propulsion force forcibly pushed Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong backward, and that wasn’t all. The crystal stone covered Xia Xuanchen’s body with a layer of golden light that was shaped like an eggshell.

Xu Tianyuan’s eyes were overcome with greed when he saw the crystal stone in Xia Xuanchen’s hands. Of course he knew what that was. That was a priceless treasure for all soul...

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