Volume 41, Chapter 565.2: Abduction!

Huo Yuhao said, “So Xu Tianran really was hurt. It’s a pity we couldn’t kill him. Otherwise, the Sun Moon Empire’s army would collapse on its own.”

Ju Zi suddenly laughed. “I think so too. It’s a pity that you didn’t kill him. However, I have to tell you that the Sun Moon Empire wouldn’t be in chaos even after he dies. This is because I’m still here.”

“What if you were dead too?” Huo Yuhao’s voice suddenly turned cold.

The smile on Ju Zi’s face became even more captivating, “Don’t try to scare me. That trick won’t work on me. I’ve already seen through you. If you could really bear to kill me, you wouldn’t have brought me here. You would have killed me when we were in the tent earlier.”

As she spoke, she leaned on the sides of the table and stood up. Then, she moved in front of Huo Yuhao and looked at him, saying, “You can’t bear to kill me, right?”

Huo Yuhao was forced to move back a little. As...

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