Volume 41, Chapter 564.3: Injuring the Beast God, Holy Ghost Blood Sea

Even though the status of soul engineers had been on the rise—in fact, they seemed to be overtaking soul masters in terms of prestige—as soul tools continued to become more advanced, the most powerful individuals still remained at the top of the pyramid.

For example, the Beast God was definitely able to flee no matter how many soul engineers were sent after him. No one would be able to hold him down. And if he were to go all-out and attack, he would definitely be more frightening than any soul engineer legion.

As he thought about soul engineer legions, Huo Yuhao suddenly recalled the short interaction he had with the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. It was truly a force not to be meddled with. If they were to clash head-on with the Beast God, who knew if they could actually slay him? Huo Yuhao knew that he would eventually have to face the world’s most powerful soul engineer legion in the future when they clashed head-on with the Sun Moon Empire.

Elder Xuan said, “Yuhao, you’ve said enough. Go and treat your injuries. I will keep watch over you. You should consolidate your powers now that you’ve made your breakthrough. It would have been great if Wutong was around. Who knows? Both of you might just...

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