Volume 41, Chapter 564.2: Injuring the Beast God, Holy Ghost Blood Sea

Di Tian flickered around the sky as he used his mastery over spatial power to avoid the attacks of these linked offensive soul tools. At the same time, he lifted the Dark Dragon Sword in his hand.

These despicable humans! How dare they try to attack me! They shall pay the price for their audacity!

At this instant, a deafening howl suddenly echoed in the sky. A dark red light flickered in the air.

When the dark red light vanished, the sky suddenly turned red. It now resembled an ocean of blood as red clouds surged in the sky.

Di Tian immediately tried to step into the space before him which he had opened up. However, he was shocked to discover that the space around him had been sealed. He was actually unable to break this spatial barrier to freely flicker around.

It was during this short moment when the linked offensive soul tools started to sweep towards him again.

Di Tian was ultimately Di Tian. Even though he was shocked, he was able to react in time. He swept the Dark Dragon Sword in his hand horizontally as he ripped the space next to him apart. This was enough to absorb more than two-thirds of the linked offensive soul tools, while the remaining third landed on his body.

The black sun and purple moon suddenly appeared behind him again as Di Tian’s body paused in mid-air. After some of the linked offensive soul tools swept past his body, the aura his body was radiating instantly became overwhelmingly intense as his eyes lit up with a golden glow. It was apparent that the Beast God had been enraged.

However, at this instant, a flash of dark red suddenly appeared before him without any warning as it pierced right into his chest.

It was a devilish looking, long, and blood-red spear. It was so frighteningly red that it seemed as though fresh blood was about to drip from its tip. What was most scary about it was how Di Tian was suddenly surrounded by a sea of blood which immobilized him before the spear appeared. There was no way he could have evaded the spear’s attack.

This must be the thing that sealed the space around me! Di Tian immediately understood that at the first instant. However, this red spear had simply caught him off-guard. At the same time, Di Tian was busy trying to deal with the attacks from the linked offensive soul tools. Under such circumstances, the long red spear was able to pierce into his chest.

Di Tian’s body was tougher than any known rare metal. Hence, after he was pierced, Di Tian released a loud cry as he swept his Dark Dragon Sword horizontally before him.

A painful grinding sound could be heard as the red spear was sliced in half. However, the tip of the spear suddenly drilled itself into Di Tian’s body. Countless vengeful howls could be heard echoing about in the sky. The blood sea was also fervently trying to consume Di Tian. At this moment, the linked offensive soul tools had finally stopped their attacks. Such powerful attacks were often incapable of being executed in a sustained fashion. Otherwise, the soul tools would overheat, and end up being damaged. However, they had already played their part. The red spear was the real weapon that could actually harm the Beast God. 

Di Tian’s body was trembling in the air as he furiously slashed his Dark Dragon Sword downwards in the direction of the Sun Moon Empire military camp.

The blood sea was forcefully ripped apart as a dragon’s roar echoed in the sky. The linked defensive protective barrier of a soul deployment area within the Sun Moon Empire military camp immediately cracked. A streak of purple-black sword light flashed and headed for one of the tents.

A flash of blood-colored light emerged from the tent instantly as it countered the sword light which was coming down on it.

Four of the twelve evil soul masters who were sitting with their legs crossed in the tent spat out a mouthful of blood at the same instant. Zhongli Wu’s face also turned pale.

Di Tian’s howl could be heard from fifty kilometers away. He raised the Dark Dragon Sword in his hand before slashing it at the blood sea. Another crack formed in the sky, and he crept into it despite knowing how the space around him had been sealed. Nonetheless, he disappeared into the crack.

The blood sea continued to ripple furiously as it circulated in the air in search of Di Tian. However, it eventually disintegrated after failing to locate its target.

A dissatisfied look formed on Zhongli Wu’s face. “How could he have fled like this? Nonetheless, he has been pierced by the red spear, and must now be seriously injured. Follow me into the Great Star Dou Forest.” As he spoke, he quickly rose from where he was as he led a group of evil soul masters to chase Di Tian into the Great Star Dou Forest. 

With their group’s ability, even if all twelve of them were to link up together, it was still unlikely that they could harm Di Tian. However, they had not only used their own powers for the blow earlier. They had borrowed the vengeance from tens of thousands of avenging spirits. Zhongli Wu had burned these spirits into the red spear that had pierced Di Tian. It was able to seal all the space around him in that instant and deal a heavy blow to him. Even though the spear was unable to penetrate Di Tian’s body fully, a part of it had successfully pierced through his body and released the frightening vengeance into him. The frightening vengeance would wreak havoc within his body until he was fully consumed by it.

This was why Zhongli Wu was so eager to hunt him down. If they were really able to take Di Tian down, the Holy Ghost Church would truly become unstoppable. He would then take over Di Tian as the strongest individual in the world!

After witnessing this scene, Huo Yuhao, Elder Xuan, and the rest were able to finally heave a sigh of relief. The Beast God was finally gone. He would probably not threaten Huo Yuhao for the time being.

It was only after Huo Yuhao lifted his Icy War God’s Armor’s visor that Elder Xuan saw how pale his face was.

“Wah!” Huo Yuhao spat out a mouthful of blood as his body started to sway left and right. He was only able to not fall with the help of Elder Xuan.

“Let’s talk after we have return.” Elder Xuan supported Huo Yuhao with his arm as he mustered his soul power and brought both of them back to Shrek City. Yan Shaozhe and the others followed behind them.

The battle which had just occurred had so many close shaves. At the same time, it had allowed them to witness the Sun Moon Empire’s frightening capabilities.

Even Di Tian could not gain the upper hand over the linked offensive soul tools with the power he possessed. On top of that, the Sun Moon Empire had the backing of the Holy Ghost Church. The Holy Ghost Church was even able to hurt the Beast God, and force him to retreat.

The people from Shrek Academy had not even found the time to celebrate Huo Yuhao’s success before they were once again overwhelmed by that demoralizing revelation.

Elder Xuan brought Huo Yuhao back to the Sea God’s Pavilion directly. When they came before the Golden Tree, Huo Yuhao knelt before it and prayed to it just as before.

“Teacher, thank you for lending me a hand. I have finally made a breakthrough, and completed my second soul core. You can rest assured that I will definitely do my best to defend Shrek City, and stop the Sun Moon Empire from destroying our Academy.”

Elder Xuan, who was standing beside Huo Yuhao, turned around and hid his face from him. He naturally knew that Elder Mu would not be able to hear Huo Yuhao’s voice again. However, how could he bear to tell him the truth?

After paying his respects to the Golden Tree, Huo Yuhao stood up and returned to the Sea God’s Pavilion with Elder Xuan.

“How are you?” Elder Xuan asked. Even though both of them had two soul cores, Huo Yuhao’s cultivation method was entirely different from his. Even Elder Xuan was unable to use his soul power to see the condition of his body.

Huo Yuhao said, “I’m fine. My body is just a little shaken after taking the Beast God’s blow. However, my body’s regenerative ability seems to have become a lot more powerful than it was previously. I should be fine in no time.“

Elder Xuan nodded and said, “That’s great. Anyways, congratulations! You now finally own your second soul core. And it’s a second soul core formed from the Yin Yang Complement technique. I believe that you should be able to surpass me in no time, and become the number one soul master in our Academy. In fact, you might even possess the ability to challenge the Beast God. Di Tian must have come to look for trouble after sensing that you were about to make your breakthrough. Fortunately, we managed to tide over his attacks. In fact, I believe that Di Tian might also be in a sticky situation right now. Just now, I saw a group of evil soul masters heading in the direction of the Great Star Dou Forest. Di Tian must have sustained serious injuries, and now they’re going to hunt him down.”

A sly smile formed on Huo Yuhao’s face as he said, “Those evil soul masters have no idea what they’re getting into. They must be mad to even think about hunting the Beast God.”

Elder Xuan nodded in agreement. “The Great Star Dou Forest does not only have Di Tian. It also houses the Emerald Swan, the Bear Lord, the Myriad Demon King, and many other powerful soul beasts. Those evil soul masters might not be able to get the better of them.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “I don’t think Emerald Swan and the rest can actually hold up against those evil soul masters. The collective strength and power they are able to draw from is immense. They must have absorbed the souls of the soldiers which were killed by the spillovers released by my battle with Di Tian. That’s why they were able to harm Di Tian. With the power that they now wield, they would be equivalent to a few Transcendent Douluo. However, they have probably overestimated the extent of the injuries the Beast God has sustained.”

“Oh?” Elder Xuan was surprised by Huo Yuhao’s words. “Is it not serious enough? I thought the attack was already pretty powerful.”

Huo Yuhao replied, “Yes, it was very powerful. It contained the vengeance of tens of thousands of avenging spirits, and possessed immense destructive power. However, it is also important to note that Di Tian also possesses Yin Yang Equilibrium soul cores. With these soul cores, it will be extremely difficult for him to sustain heavy injuries.”

“Quick, tell me what’s so special about your Yin Yang Equilibrium soul cores, ” Elder Xuan asked curiously.

Huo Yuhao explained, “After the Yin Yang Equilibrium soul cores are formed, the power of the two soul cores will fuse with one another. If I were to phrase it another way, the powers would be reorganized, purified and compressed after colliding against one another. This allows my soul power to possess spiritual power and Ultimate Ice characteristics. At the same time, the brand new soul power will also take the form of a whirlpool. This whirlpool-shaped soul power was definitely the product of the fusion between my soul power and spiritual power. It possesses extremely destructive capabilities. At the same time, it is also able to compress my soul power to the most compact state possible. I can sense how the total volume of my soul power had increased to three times its original amount after I made my breakthrough. In addition, my fighting power has increased to five times what it was before my soul power compression.”

“The brand new soul power produced by the Yin Yang Complement technique is extremely resistant to any external energy or power. Even though the vengeance from the spear was extremely intense, I believe Di Tian’s Yin Yang Equilibrium soul power, which he must have cultivated for many years, will definitely be able to dissolve the vengeance. Besides, his body is dark-type. Even though he should definitely be injured, his injuries should not be as serious as the evil soul masters have imagined. Those evil soul masters are really unwise to intrude into the Great Star Dou Forest and challenge the Beast God on his home ground.”

After hearing Huo Yuhao’s explanation, Elder Xuan exhaled deeply. It seems like it’s really not easy for any soul master to fight the Beast God—especially with the power he possesses!

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