Volume 41: The War Goddess' Terrifying Prowess, Chapter 564.1: Injuring the Beast God, Holy Ghost Blood Sea

The Sun Moon Empire’s military camp was actually designed with several considerations in mind. Every camp surrounded a single soul tool deployment area. The soul tool deployment area would then be able to activate its linked defensive soul tools to protect the camp when they were attacked by their enemies.

When the multiple dark blue hurricanes began to expand, they were already almost touching the linked defensive barriers. The four nearest linked defensive barriers turned dark blue within a few seconds. Even though they did not disintegrate instantly like the tents, the linked defensive barriers began to consume an insane amount of energy.

Every soul engineer within these soul tool deployment areas was frantically trying to inject soul power into their various soul tools. They were very well aware that they would have no chance of surviving if they were to allow the dark blue hurricane to sweep into the soul deployment area.

Huo Yuhao paused for a little more than ten seconds before he regained his ability to move. Even though his body was a little shaky, he was still able to stand up and stabilize himself immediately.

When he looked up...

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