Volume 41: The War Goddess' Terrifying Prowess, Chapter 564.1: Injuring the Beast God, Holy Ghost Blood Sea

The Sun Moon Empire’s military camp was actually designed with several considerations in mind. Every camp surrounded a single soul tool deployment area. The soul tool deployment area would then be able to activate its linked defensive soul tools to protect the camp when they were attacked by their enemies.

When the multiple dark blue hurricanes began to expand, they were already almost touching the linked defensive barriers. The four nearest linked defensive barriers turned dark blue within a few seconds. Even though they did not disintegrate instantly like the tents, the linked defensive barriers began to consume an insane amount of energy.

Every soul engineer within these soul tool deployment areas was frantically trying to inject soul power into their various soul tools. They were very well aware that they would have no chance of surviving if they were to allow the dark blue hurricane to sweep into the soul deployment area.

Huo Yuhao paused for a little more than ten seconds before he regained his ability to move. Even though his body was a little shaky, he was still able to stand up and stabilize himself immediately.

When he looked up at Di Tian in the sky again, his eyes reflected the fear in his heart.

After this recent breakthrough, he now possessed his second soul core. He could sense from his own soul power that he was definitely stronger than someone who had just become a Titled Douluo. He believed he was somewhere between Rank 92 and 93. In addition, his soul power had undergone a transformative change because his second soul core was formed from the Yin Yang Complement technique. Every single strand of soul power had been compressed, and his Ultimate Ice and spiritual power were now perfectly fused. His martial souls were no longer individual, and could fuse perfectly without any deliberate control.

Huo Yuhao believed his power now exceeded that of any normal Transcendent Douluo. At the same time, one must remember the Icy War God’s Armor on his body!

The boost given to him by the world’s strongest human-shaped soul tool was immense. After this breakthrough, he was finally able to fully control the capabilities of the Icy War God’s Armor, as well as some of the capabilities of the Morning Dew Dagger. These were the reasons why he was confident of challenging Di Tian.

However, it was only after clashing with Di Tian head-on that Huo Yuhao fully understood why Di Tian was called the strongest individual in the world. His strength and abilities were still way above his expectations.

Just that previous blow alone was sufficient to make Huo Yuhao realize how he had underestimated Di Tian’s power. If Di Tian were to have followed up that blow and pursued him, Huo Yuhao would have been dead by now.

Of course, Elder Xuan, who was watching vigilantly by the side, would never allow Di Tian to take action against Huo Yuhao. However, this was enough to show the enormous gap between his and Di Tian’s abilities.

He should be proud of his feat of blocking Di Tian’s blow at his current tender age. However, it was still not enough in Huo Yuhao’s opinion. It was still a long way off from what he had expected from himself.

Huo Yuhao kept his gaze on Di Tian as he panted lightly. He slowly raised the Morning Dew Dagger in his hand as he channeled the soul power in his body into the dagger continuously. Following which, he circulated the same soul power back into his body as every bit of cold elemental energy was absorbed into his body.

Even though he did not have the help of his Spirits, the Morning Dew Dagger was able to make up for it. It was only after he had truly experienced its might that Huo Yuhao finally knew how powerful the dagger was. If he did not have the Morning Dew Dagger and the Icy War God’s Armor, which together had negated close to seventy percent of Di Tian’s blow, he would have died there and then. How could Huo Yuhao have taken Di Tian’s frightening blow, which was infused with darkness and spatial energy, on his own?

“Boom! Boom!”

Two linked defensive barriers shattered at the same time. Following which, everything within the soul tool deployment areas was enveloped by the dark blue hurricanes.

It was important to note that there were fifty thousand soldiers within each of the soul tool deployment areas. In addition, there were several precious soul tools and soul engineers inside as well.

However, their other protective soul barriers managed to withstand the hurricanes as the remaining dark blue hurricanes slowly faded away.

Huo Yuhao was confused as to why Di Tian did not continue attacking him. Suddenly, a mystical power suddenly emerged within the Sun Moon Empire’s military camp.

It was a dark red light which was extremely slim, yet very long. It suddenly appeared after the two soul tool deployment areas were destroyed. After appearing in mid-air, it stopped right above the two soul tool deployment areas.

Following which, countless enraged and extremely fearful avenging spirits started to gravitate rapidly to the dark red light. The dark red light was expanding at an incredible speed before it formed a long spear in mid-air.

“Huh?” Di Tian was a little startled as he stared at the dark red spear warily.

Huo Yuhao was also looking at that long spear. He was naturally able to sense that it was aimed at Di Tian with his superior spiritual detection ability.

At the same time, Ju Zi, who was hiding in the core area of the camp, ordered coldly, “ Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion, get ready! Fire! Concentrate your firepower on Di Tian!”

Streaks of light started to rise from the Sun Moon Empire’s military camp as they transformed into a beam of the purest red light, which surged towards Di Tian, who was hovering in mid-air.

The reaction from the Sun Moon Empire shocked the powerful cultivators from Shrek Academy. They would never have expected the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legion to attack Di Tian. Isn’t that the same as seeking one’s own death? Unless the Sun Moon Empire is able to recognize the need for humans to unite against soul beasts? That can’t be it. That is not something the Sun Moon Empire would do!

Of course, that was impossible. Right from the beginning, Ju Zi had been trying to get Zhongli Wu to attack Di Tian. Now, she was also commanding the soul engineer legions to strike Di Tian. There was only one reason for her decisions. She wanted to help Huo Yuhao!

Ju Zi had never planned to attack Shrek Academy. After Huo Yuhao had returned her son to her, revenge was no longer the most important thing in this world. In her eyes, the most important things for her were the two men in her life. One of them was Xu Yunhan, while the other one was naturally…

Hence, Ju Zi had already made up her mind the moment Huo Yuhao suddenly appeared on the battlefield. She was initially not planning to make a move. After all, it was best for Di Tian and the Holy Ghost Church to be engaged in a mutually disadvantageous battle. However, she could not care anymore after seeing how Di Tian slashed his sword at Huo Yuhao. When she saw that, she felt as if her heart had almost stopped. That sensation was simply unbearable!

Thus, she did not hesitate to order her troops to attack Di Tian. She simply could not afford to allow Di Tian to attack Huo Yuhao again.

Of course, there was no one present here who could understand her true intentions. Even Huo Yuhao, who was involved in this whole saga, could not tell why she was making these decisions. After all, no one would have expected the Sun Moon Empire’s commander to make her decisions based on her feelings for a single man. Besides, Ju Zi’s orders had been given at an extremely timely moment. She issued the orders precisely when Zhongli Wu first made his move. This seemed more like a combined effort with the Holy Ghost Church rather than a selfish decision. Hence, no one would challenge her decision.

The reason why Di Tian did not continue to attack Huo Yuhao was because Elder Xuan was watching vigilantly by the side. On top of that, he was a little lost right now. He did not know what he should do to Huo Yuhao. While he was aware that he must not kill him, he was also aware that catching him would be extremely challenging.

The presence of the powerful soul masters from the Shrek Academy was bound to make things difficult for him. On top of that, Huo Yuhao had already acquired his second soul core using the Yin Yang Complement technique. If he were unable to put up a fight, he would definitely be able to flee successfully. Di Tian was not confident of abducting Huo Yuhao when he was also up against the powerful cultivators from Shrek Academy and Elder Xuan—an Ultimate Douluo.

Just when he was hesitating, the attacks from the Sun Moon Empire’s soul tools reached him.

Di Tian let out a cold grunt as he waved his humongous hand in front of him. Instantly, a black light formed before him. The black light was like an expanded dragon scale with pointed edges. It floated before Di Tian as it attempted to block the linked offensive soul tool attacks coming towards him.

However, it was only able to block the soul tools for a short instant.

The pitch black scale seemed to pause for a while as a look of surprise flickered across Di Tian’s usually calm face. Following which, he instantly vanished from where he was. More than ten streaks of light shot through the black scale and tore the void behind him to shreds.

Di Tian reappeared a couple of hundred meters from where he had been. A frustrated expression had replaced the shocked look on his face. He could not imagine how these humans were able to become so powerful. The power of the humans’ attacks had already exceeded his expectations. What exactly was that power? The total energy stored in the attack had already exceeded the power he had. It was simply too frightening for him. Was it possible for humans or a group of soul masters to collectively produce such power?

Back when he launched the beast wave against Shrek City, Di Tian had witnessed the destructive ability of soul tools. Even though he had been wary then, those soul tools were not as powerful as the ones he was witnessing now.

However, it was very different now. These soul tools were clearly able to threaten him. This was a frightening prospect for him to fathom. The existence of such weapons meant that the Great Star Dou Forest could be in danger at any moment!

The beams from the linked offensive soul tools did not disappear after penetrating Di Tian’s black scale. Instead, they swept horizontally as they tried to chase after him.

This was an opportunity that Huo Yuhao would definitely seize. Of course, he did not intend to attack Di Tian. He was going to flee.

In a flicker, he concealed himself within the air as he sped out of the range of the Sun Moon Empire’s military camp.

At the same time, he used his spiritual power to contact the people from Shrek Academy. Through his Spiritual Detection Sharing ability, he was able to direct everyone back to Shrek City.

Huo Yuhao was already very satisfied to have destroyed two soul tool deployment areas with Di TIan’s help. This was effectively equivalent to a tenth of the entire Sun Moon Empire’s troops.

In addition, it was good that Di Tian was now fighting the Sun Moon Empire. Such battles were better viewed from afar.

The destructive ability of the linked offensive soul tools was simply overwhelming. Di Tian might be fine if he were only hit once. However, if all of them were to land on his body, even he might not be able to take it!

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