Volume 40, Chapter 563.1: Complementing Yin and Yang, Yuhao Leaves Seclusion

The Dark Dragon’s Sword!

A purple light formed a powerful beam and slashed downwards. The sky was torn apart as every ounce of gravity was destroyed and ground into dust. The Godly Taotie Bull’s enormous body was somehow immobilized by the torn-up sky, as it found itself unable to dodge the sword. Following which, the frightening Dark Dragon’s Sword was about to reach the area between the Godly Taotie Bull’s horns.

“Boooommm!” A deafening sound exploded in the sky.

Two yellow glows, which were circulating around one another between Elder Xuan’s horns, had actually blocked Di Tian’s sword. However, the Godly Taotie Bull’s enormous body was now falling rapidly from the sky. It fell from five thousand meters to two thousand meters. Because it was about a thousand meters tall, it looked almost as if it were about to crash into Shrek City.

The Godly Taotie Bull let out a deafening roar as yellow plumes of clouds separated from its feet and struggled to support its body.

Di Tian continued to float where he was as he pointed the gigantic sword in his hand at Elder Xuan. His eyes were extremely frightening, as they resembled that of the Devilgod himself.

This was absolute...

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