Volume 40, Chapter 562.3: The Power of the Beast God

The sky suddenly darkened before light exploded through the air. Frightening soul power undulations rippled high in the sky as all the clouds and mist within several hundred square kilometers in the sky dissipated. However, not a single ray of sunlight peeked through the sky; all that could be seen were yellow and purplish-black colors resisting each other.

That terrifying yet magnificent aura shocked everyone watching.

Shrek City and the Sun Moon Empire’s great army were all watching this earth-shaking sight, but there were very few who truly understood what all that meant. However, everyone was aware that this battle was very important for Shrek Academy.

Zhongli Wu arrived quietly next to Ju Zi and whispered, “When do we attack, commander?”

Ju Zi shook her head gently and said, “Now is not the time. We’ll wait until the battle is decided. We have to wait and see. Imperial Tutor, I wish to ask you something.”

“Eh? Ask.” Zhongli Wu turned towards Ju Zi confusedly. The War God Empress would seldom ask questions humbly, from what he remembered.

Ju Zi lowered her voice and said, “From your...

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