Volume 40, Chapter 562.2: The Power of the Beast God

At their level, any simple movement was an extremely powerful attack. They simplified everything, and soul skills weren’t that important anymore.

Di Tian was still standing there, motionless. A black beam of light blasted from his chest, and Elder Xuan felt the air in front of him begin to twist and contort vigorously as he pushed out with his palm. A terrifying suction force appeared in the next moment and completely absorbed his palm’s force.

“Eh?” Elder Xuan was startled. “Spatial power?”

Di Tian said plainly, “I have been at this level for several hundred thousand years longer than you have. You are still a far cry from me in terms of your understanding in this respect. Even though soul beasts cannot become Gods because we are limited by the God Realm, no human in the Douluo Continent could ever be my match.”

Elder Xuan grunted coldly as he placed his palms in a circle in front of his chest. The Godly Taotie Bull behind his back roared fearsomely as a dense and material sphere of dirty yellow light appeared between his palms.


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