Volume 40, Chapter 561.3: Frantically Cultivating

Streaks of Ultimate Ice energy ascended like sashes as they streamed towards the spiritual soul core. It seemed like they were planning to retaliate against the spiritual soul core.

What Huo Yuhao could not see was how the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass was already trembling intensely as it tried to release its Star Anise Icy Coagulation with the maximum possible power. Its every single leaf had become transparent as it tried to devour every single bit of ice-type elemental energy within the room. During this process, strong gusts of icy wind started to blow within the room. 

Little Bai’s protection over Huo Yuhao’s body had also suddenly stopped. Countless tiny balls of white energy were surging towards Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice soul core and fusing with it under its control.

The Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s torso bone was also releasing jade green fluid towards the Ultimate Ice soul core under the Ice Empress’ control.

“In my name, Spirit of the Icesky Snow Lady, Fuse!”


Huo Yuhao’s entire body started to tremble. He felt as if his chest and entire body had exploded at this instant, rendering him incapable of thinking. His entire intent and consciousness seemed to be ravaged...

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