Volume 40, Chapter 561.2: Frantically Cultivating

It was common for the commander and the military supervisor from any country and any point in time in history to share conflicting opinions. After all, there was a reason why military supervisors existed.

Zhongli Wu was naturally not the military supervisor who Xu Tianran wanted to send over. However, the Holy Ghost Church was simply too powerful, so he had no choice but to do so. The Holy Ghost Ghost had long been trying to create a bigger presence within the Sun Moon Empire’s army.

However, the effects of their participation had never gone particularly well. After all, evil soul masters were often ostracized by most people—regardless of whether they were soul masters or soul engineers.

After watching Zhongli Wu leave the tent, Ju Zi squinted as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

These annoying evil soul masters… With them around, it will be very difficult for me to execute my plan perfectly. If there’s a chance…

Their use for the Holy Ghost Church had been diminishing for a while. After the Body Sect had been completely destroyed, the only use for the Holy Ghost Church was to fight against the powerful cultivators from Shrek Academy. If not for the existence...

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