Volume 40, Chapter 561.1: Frantically Cultivating

In the Imperial Palace within Radiant City, the Sun Moon Empire.

A secret letter was lying on Xu Tianran’s desk. There was an adorable orange mandarin (Ju Zi) logo at the opening of the envelope. 

After receiving this letter, Xu Tianran couldn’t help but reveal a gentle smile. It seems like Ju Zi’s letter is finally here. I wonder how she’ll handle the current situation.

A thorough search had been conducted for the past few days, but they were still unable to locate their enemies. It seemed as though they had disappeared without leaving a trace after sneaking an attack on Radiant City. This was completely unbelievable.

Xu Tianran was starting to worry that the enemies really possessed some sort of spatial technology like Elder Kong had suggested. If his foes really possessed such technologies, their next attack could take place within Radiant City!

After opening the envelope, Xu Tianran took out the letter. This envelope had been sealed with a certain kind of soul tool that was able to destroy the letter if the person did not know how to properly unseal the envelope.

Ju Zi’s beautiful handwriting decorated the entire letter....

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