Volume 40, Chapter 560: Secret of the Dragon Pill

Elder Mu paused for a while before continuing, “I happened to come across the Dragon Pill at an ancient ruin a long time ago. It was the carcass of a light type giant dragon soul beast. If I did not see wrongly back then, it should be a Light Dragon—the natural enemy of the Darkness Dragons, which Di Tian belongs to. After dying, the Light Dragon’s essence and energy naturally became a Dragon Pill. However, because the energy within this pill is extremely violent, humans are unable to absorb them into our bodies directly.”

“After acquiring it, I had been keeping it with me all this time, Even though I was not able to ingest its energy directly, the huge amount of energy within it was still extremely beneficial for my cultivation. With its help, I was able to build on my innate gifts, and accelerate my training and development. I borrowed the energy from the Dragon Pill for my training all the way to Rank 98, when I finally formed my second soul core with the Resonance technique. If not, I might have even stayed at Rank 98 longer than Xuan Zi.”

“Hence, it could be said that the birth of every Ultimate Douluo comes with the presence of an enormous amount of luck. It was definitely true for me, and I believe it was the same way for Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui.”

“I have actually tried to help others with this Dragon Pill. However, it has always failed. Their bodies were simply unable to withstand its domineering aura. More often than not, their martial souls were also incompatible with its energy. Hence, I decided to store the Dragon...

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