Volume 40, Chapter 559.1: Elder Mu's Protection

As the Snow Empress’ ice crystal rose, his soul power gathered more and more around his chest. The pain he suffered became more and more excruciating. His spiritual soul core also struggled more too. When the two feelings combined, they greatly multiplied the pain that Huo Yuhao was being subjected to!

The Ice Empress’ strength was still very stable. Huo Yuhao’s spine was his core, while his ribs were his support. Overall, they formed a protective soul barrier. However, Huo Yuhao discovered that the Ice Empress was no longer isolating all her spiritual power. Instead, she poured in one small streak of her spiritual power. This streak was a hundred to a thousand times thinner than a hair. This streak of soul power landed on Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice soul power.

When this happened, the revolution of his Ultimate Ice soul power became much slower than it was when he absorbed soul power. However, it was still revolving persistently. That streak of spiritual power was influenced by it, and was continuously being lashed ...

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