Volume 40, Chapter 557.2: Awakening

After hearing the news that Huo Yuhao had returned with the Bluesilver Emperor, how could Tang Ya not be happy when she finally had a chance of recovering? 

"Thank you, Yuhao!" After seeing Yuhao, Tang Ya immediately stood up as tears streamed down her face. 

Huo Yuhao immediately said, "Teacher Xiao Ya, there's no need for you to thank me like this. If you and eldest senior brother didn't take me in back then, I wouldn't be here today. Now, I’m going to start treating you. We can catch up after you’ve recovered, okay?" 

As he spoke, he started to release his Spiritual Detection, and located the Bluesilver Emperor within the Tang Sect. 

Bei Bei walked over to Xiao Ya and hugged her lightly. Right now, the gentle big brother of the Tang Sect was somehow speechless. He had so much love for Tang Ya, and had probably suffered more than she had after seeing her in a miserable state. 

After waiting for so many years, a healthy Tang Ya was finally going to return to his side. How could he not be elated? 

Within a short while, the Bluesilver Emperor had entered the hall. It knew Tang Ya was its target the moment it stepped into the ball. Her Bluesilver...

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