Volume 40, Chapter 555.2: Qiu'er's Heart

“Yuhao, do you know how happy I am? This is my first time feeling your love for me. This is already enough for me. Stay happy with Dong’er. Whether she’s Dong’er or Tang Wutong, she’s your greatest love. I’m only a part of what you truly love. When I first transformed myself into her, I’d already lost. I can’t beat her, ever. I love you, but she loves you more. You have a little crush for me, but your entire heart belongs to her. This is already the best result. Don’t be as sad. This is the future. I’ll be even sadder if you’re like this. When you miss me, you can hug Wutong. If you’re together with her, it’ll be like you and I are together. You, me and her are no longer separable.”

Huo Yuhao was in a daze as he listened to Wang Qiu’er. He finally understood why Dong’er’s martial soul experienced such a mutation after she became Tang Wutong, and how she was able to use the Golden Spear. It turned out that Wang Qiu’er’s strength was indeed...

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