Volume 39, Chapter 554.3: Elder Kong

Seeing that he was so determined, Huo Yuhao didn’t persist. If he was the brains and life and soul of the team, Bei Bei was the backbone. He had the utmost respect for his eldest senior.

Bei Bei said, “We need to stay as far from Radiant City as possible. Yuhao, when the sky is dark, go out and quickly return. Let’s return to the academy and take a look. We want to bring news back, and also take a look at the situation at the front line before we proceed with our next operation.”

“Alright.” Huo Yuhao had no objections to Bei Bei’s suggestion. It was better to stabilize things too. However, he didn’t mention that he one other thing to do before he returned.

Among everyone, He Caitou was the only one who was a little unhappy. He said, “Yuhao, let’s attack more soul formations in the Sun Moon Empire when we return. We’ve been greatly drained this time too!”

Xu Sanshi laughed, “Caitou, since when have you become a slave to money?”

He Caitou snapped, “It’s money! Do you know how many soul cannon shells...

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