Volume 39, Chapter 554.2: Elder Kong

The Chief Minister didn’t have any good ideas, so he pushed all the responsibility to Ju Zi. His analysis was also very logical. That’s why his idea wasn’t a reflection of his abilities, but how he was very politically intelligent.

Indeed, the Chief Minister’s expression changed when he heard his words. However, he couldn’t rebut him at all.

On the other side, the Death God Douluo Ye Xishui also furrowed her brow. After this, she slowly nodded.

They only agreed with the Military Chief’s words because Ju Zi was both loyal to the empire and also very strong.

Ju Zi was the one who had led the empire to victory over the Heavenly Soul Empire. Ye Xishui had joined in that operation too. After attacking the Ming Dou Mountain Range, she suddenly turned back and assaulted the Heavenly Soul Empire. At the same time, all information was sealed. This series of missions was part of the fighting strategy that had played a very crucial role in the war.

After this, the Sun Moon Empire was relentless, and occupied most parts of the Heavenly Soul Empire. Some people even commented...

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