Volume 39, Chapter 552.3: Activate the Guiding Cannon!

Xu Tianran was certain that there was not a single linked defensive barrier in the Palace which could have blocked that blow. In other words, if Huo Yuhao and his group had possessed a sufficient quantity of those shells, they would have been able to destroy the entire Sun Moon Empire. That was a scary prospect for him to think about. 

If that kind of stationary soul cannon shell was not invented by the Sun Moon Empire, it must have come from one of the three original Empires. However, since when did they have the ability to manufacture such powerful soul tools? 

Ye Xishui, who was dressed in a long black robe, stood beside Xu Tianran. Because she was also staying within the Palace, she was able to react immediately after the explosion. However, because she did not stay at the core area of the Palace, she did not sustain any direct injuries from the explosion. 

She chose to stay behind to protect Xu Tianran instead of going after the enemy because there was nothing more important than the Emperor's life. 

As Xu Tianran began to gain greater control over the Empire, Ye Xishui realized that she was starting to lose control over him. His power was increasing...

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