Volume 39, Chapter 551: The Retreat Starts!

However, the white light continued to drill inwards at an incredibly fast and stable rate. Even though it was making a super annoying sound, it was truly a sight to behold. 

Streaks of light from the interior of the palace flew towards this white light as they attempted to destroy it. 

However, it was during this short period of time when the white light suddenly froze before dipping downwards. Even though it did not penetrate the barrier, it was stuck on the surface of the palace’s protective barrier.

Just when the soul engineers who were responsible for defending the interior of the Palace were about to let out a sigh of relief, an even finer streak of white light drilled out from its tip before entering the interior of the Palace. 

Even though the walls of the Palace were incredibly thick and firm, the white light was able to drill itself in without making any noise at all. 


Xu Tianran had been standing in front of his sleeping chamber, and had just witnessed the series of events which happened in the sky. He immediately knew something bad was about to happen the moment he saw the white light dip. 

An intense purple light exploded from his body as a purple-gold human-shaped soul tool enveloped his body instantly. At the same time, Xu Tianran bent down and brought his limbs close to his body to minimize his surface area. He increased the intensity of the purple-gold light around him as he tried to use the light to protect his body. 

He was able to do all of the above in an incredibly short amount of time. No one present would have been able to catch what he was doing with their eyes. 

Just when Xu Tianran was finished, the entire Palace started to tremble! 


A deafening explosion could be heard from the bottom of the Palace. Following which, a white pillar of light shot straight up into the sky from the ground. 

This pillar was not very big initially. It was only about as thick as an arm. However, it rapidly expanded as it encroached into the space around it. In addition, it radiated white ripples towards its surroundings. 

At this very instant, every single building in the Palace was enveloped in a golden barrier. The barriers were trying to shield the buildings from the white light.

However, the white light was just too powerful for the barriers, as it consumed the buildings with ease.

The palace guards were effectively useless against such overwhelming power. They were instantly vaporized when the white light enveloped them.

However, at this instant, the Sun Moon Empire started to show their trump cards.

Countless images lit up one after another within the Palace. Even though these images were of several different colors, all of them transformed into barriers as they launched themselves towards the white light.

At the same time, the protective soul barriers within the Palace started to concentrate their energy and contract. The sixteen golden pillars launched themselves towards the white light as they formed more barriers to contain it.

The place that the white light had landed in was the central area of the Sun Moon Empire’s Imperial Palace.

Right now, Xu Tianran could sense an incredibly frightening amount of soul power ravaging his body.

Countless streaks of light were exploding from his body. All of these streaks were coming from the defensive soul tools which had been designed for him by the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers. The soul tools were being destroyed by the invincibly sharp soul power as...

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