Volume 39, Chapter 550.2: The Attack Starts!

Li Ya hovered next to Huo Yuhao, and a mystical scene occurred. Soul rings appeared from the bottom of her mermaid’s tail one after another, and one would realize upon closer inspection that they were the soul rings Huo Yuhao had attached to his Spirit Eyes, every single one of them.

The eighth soul ring, the one that was blood red, glowed as Huo Yuhao’s incantations were suddenly mixed with another crisp and bright voice.

Every glyph or word that he chanted was accompanied by an identical one in this crisp and bright voice, and this voice belonged to Li Ya.

Li Ya was a hundred thousand year soul beast, and she had given a total of four soul skills to Huo Yuhao. Two were from soul rings, and two were from soul bones.

The soul skill that she was using on Huo Yuhao’s behalf was one from her soul rings: Mermaid’s Duet.

The reason why his eight soul rings attached to his Spirit Eyes would appear on Li Ya’s body was because of one of her soul bone skills that she had bestowed on Huo Yuhao, Merfolk Control.

Merfolk Control was entirely auxiliary, but it was very effective. It could release a merfolk’s spirit when absolutely necessary to control Huo Yuhao’s soul skills, and it could unleash his other soul skills on its own while expending only half of the spiritual power normally required.

That was just a soul skill. That wasn’t just a soul bone for Huo Yuhao as, more importantly, he had Li Ya as his Spirit! Therefore, Li Ya using this soul skill meant that she was temporarily controlling his Spirit Eyes’ soul skills as his Spirit, and the overall effect was undoubtedly superior.

Merfolk Control’s effect on normal soul masters probably wasn’t that evident, but it was very different for Huo Yuhao because he had twin martial souls! Even though he could switch between his martial souls, switching still required energy. He also couldn’t unleash them as quickly as he could when he was in his normal state.

But that was different with Merfolk Control. Li Ya could support him according to his whims. When Huo Yuhao was using his Ice Jade Empress Scorpion in battle, Li Ya could use all kinds of auxiliary spiritual-type soul skills to help him. That was like another Huo Yuhao appearing temporarily to fight. He could also save half of his spiritual power when using his Spirit Eyes’ soul skills.

Of course, Huo Yuhao’s soul bone would have to consume soul power as he was conserving spiritual power.

However, Merfolk Control couldn’t grasp every single soul skill. First, she could only use those spiritual-type soul skills. She couldn’t use Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny, or the Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s destiny skull’s soul skills.

This meant that Li Ya couldn’t use Spiritual Blast, Destiny’s Demise, Spiritual Dispossession, and Destiny’s Adjudication, because those had belonged to Wang Qiu’er. When she sacrificed herself for Huo Yuhao, he became the only one who could use her strength.

Merfolk’s Duet, which was his eighth soul skill, was comparable to Merfolk Control. Merfolk’s Duet could double the effects of any of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual-type soul skills.

That didn’t include those soul skills that Wang Qiu’er had bestowed on Huo Yuhao, but that was enough!

For instance, Huo Yuhao’s incantations were considered a spiritual-type soul skill, while this was also considered his third martial soul.

What was the effect of doubling his necromantic spells’ effects?

The answer was quickly presented in front of Huo Yuhao.

Eighteen spectral gates quickly opened and spaced out in a line. Huo Yuhao had to strengthen his Spiritual Interference Domain’s area of affect so that he could cover every single gate.

Huo Yuhao glanced at Li Ya with a surprised look on his face, and she gave him a sweet smile. Merfolk’s Duet only consumed half of what he would normally need for soul power and spiritual power with Merfolk Control.

What did eighteen spectral gates mean? This meant that Shrek Academy’s three soul engineer legios could come out and retreat twice as fast as they would have otherwise!

Huo Yuhao nodded in Li Ya’s direction before he turned towards Radiant City. There was a remote in his hands.

“The show is about to begin!”

Huo Yuhao pressed the button on his remote heavily as he spoke, a thread of strange undulations mixed with soul power and spiritual power travelled into the distance.


The silent night sky above Radiant City was suddenly jolted by deafening booms as enormous sparks and flowing lights crackled above Radiant City.

The city’s peace was disturbed, and ear-piercing alarms could be heard in the next moment as all kinds of surveillance soul tools in the sky were fully activated. Radiant City’s four large soul tool fronts were also fully activated at the same time.

But would that be useful?

The corner of Huo Yuhao’s mouth curved into a mocking smile as he continued pressing the remote in his hands.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!”

Intense explosions rang out continuously high in the air, as the loud sounds of those detonations travelled far through the sky. Brilliant fireworks crackled one after another in the sky.

The soul engineers within their respective soul tool fronts inside Radiant City were all completely stunned by what they were witnessing.

The reason was because they hadn’t detected any attacks at all, so why would their aerial surveillance soul tools explode one after another?

The screens that those aerial surveillance soul tools were connected to on the ground went black at once as exclamations could be heard in every corner of the city.

But that didn’t change how those aerial surveillance soul tools were exploding in the sky.

The sky above Radiant City was like a magnificent firework show as intricate fireworks crackled again and again. There were many different colors, and there were many different sizes. A vast area of the sky above Radiant City was lit up.

Xu Tianran was jolted awake amid the loud explosions. When he rushed out from the royal palace and witnessed the sparks and fireworks in the sky, he froze.

What… what is going on? What exactly has happened?

Nobody could answer him. As the aerial surveillance soul tools in the sky continued to explode, Radiant City’s defense system was completely activated. Soul engineers got to their battle stations and posts as they tried to control all kinds of surveillance soul tools and attempt to discover some trace of what was happening.

But the explosions in the sky didn’t seem like they were going to stop at all. Radiant City couldn’t get anything from their monitoring; the only thing they could get was darkness in that instant after the explosion!

Radiant City was destined to be overwhelmed by darkness this night. The royal palace’s linked defenses were activated as those terrifying explosions continued, covering the entire palace. The four soul tool fronts didn’t activate their defenses, because they would have to use their high-powered compression array soul tools if they did. They had expended much from the last time they used it, and they couldn’t even activate it again. They had to conserve power so that they could defend the soul tool fronts. At a time like this, who would care about the citizens?

Everything had happened too abruptly, to the point where Radiant City’s imperial guard couldn’t react in time. The entire city descended into chaos amid the explosions in the sky that were like rolling thunder.

Radiant City had become completely blind, and that was Huo Yuhao’s first step.

Just as those explosions were happening, Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were swiftly pushed out from those eighteen black spectral gates one after another.

The soul engineers didn’t make a sound at all, but when they saw the brilliant fireworks that were lighting up the sky in the distance, they opened their mouths in shock.

They almost didn’t know where they were, but this firework show was the grandest one they had ever witnessed in their lifetimes.

A cold dash of light flickered across Huo Yuhao’s face. He withdrew the remote in his hands. The first step was the most important one, and he finally completed this task that he had spent so much energy and almost half of the entire night on.

Huo Yuhao shared Spiritual Detection with everyone and relayed his instructions.

Three hundred Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons formed up in a single line as they quickly got into formation.

After the Heavy Artillery Soul Engineer Legion came out, the Fort Soul Engineer Legion’s soul masters and the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion’s soul masters quickly rushed out from those eighteen spectral gates.

The Fort Soul Engineer Legion’s soul engineers didn’t appear with their forts. Most of them were pushing some heavy soul tools as they appeared beside the Heavy Artillery Soul Engineer Legion.

They quickly set those soul tools up, and He Caitou was their commander.

The Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion’s soul engineers were wearing their equipment and supporting the other two legions from one side, and everyone nervously got to work.

Huo Yuhao closed his eyes and regulated his breathing as he listened quietly to the explosions in the sky. Tang Wutong, Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, Jiang Nannan, Xiao Xiao, and the rest of the Tang Sect’s senior members arrived beside him as they gazed into the distance.

Everyone’s eyes flowed with astonishment and respect as they witnessed the magnificent fireworks in the sky. Huo Yuhao had accomplished this by himself! He was like the Sun Moon Empire’s nightmare, and he made what was impossible, possible. He could still find loopholes and weaknesses in Radiant City’s airtight defenses.

The explosions far in the sky finally stopped after about a dozen minutes. Metal fragments and dust fell from the sky as dense smoke covered the entire city.

Radiant City was dark before, but the entire city lit up once more as the city’s defense army was mobilized. They increased their vigilance and defenses across the city, and activated their backup aerial surveillance soul tools and released them into the air. The royal palace’s linked defensive barrier was still being maintained.

But right at this moment, the Heavy Artillery Soul Engineer Legion’s three hundred Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons divided into three rows as they formed up behind Huo Yuhao.

The dark cannons emanated sinister auras, and every single soul engineer’s breathing was rough and heavy. The stunning scenes of the night far in the distance had already told them where they were, and those who were smarter could already figure out what had just happened.

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