Volume 39, Chapter 550.2: The Attack Starts!

Li Ya hovered next to Huo Yuhao, and a mystical scene occurred. Soul rings appeared from the bottom of her mermaid’s tail one after another, and one would realize upon closer inspection that they were the soul rings Huo Yuhao had attached to his Spirit Eyes, every single one of them.

The eighth soul ring, the one that was blood red, glowed as Huo Yuhao’s incantations were suddenly mixed with another crisp and bright voice.

Every glyph or word that he chanted was accompanied by an identical one in this crisp and bright voice, and this voice belonged to Li Ya.

Li Ya was a hundred thousand year soul beast, and she had given a total of four soul skills to Huo Yuhao. Two were from soul rings, and two were from soul bones.

The soul skill that she was using on Huo Yuhao’s behalf was one from her soul rings: Mermaid’s Duet.

The reason why his eight soul rings attached to his Spirit Eyes would appear on Li Ya’s body was because of one of her soul bone skills that she had bestowed on Huo Yuhao, Merfolk Control.

Merfolk Control was entirely auxiliary,...

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