Volume 39, Chapter 548.3: The Spiritual Force in Plants

Personally, his aim was to become a member of the God Realm. But what about the Douluo Continent? Would the Sun Moon Empire really conquer everything, and rename it the Sun Moon Continent?

No, absolutely not! The Douluo Continent will be the Douluo Continent, and I am part of the Douluo Continent. I cannot let that happen no matter what price I have to pay.

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath as his thoughts stopped there. He gathered his mind once more, and his spiritual power transformed into countless tentacles as they stretched across the ground in all directions.

Of course, he wasn’t lying here to rest. He was waiting, and he was hoping that the Sun Moon Empire’s main forces would appear.

Heavenly Sea City was the Sun Moon Empire’s most important coastal city in the south. Furthermore, this place was very far from Radiant City. Once the Sun Moon Empire’s main forces appeared, the next part of his plan could continue. If his plan was successful in the end, he could see some hope for the Douluo Continent.

The thing that Huo Yuhao hoped for most was...

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