Volume 39, Chapter 548.2: The Spiritual Force in Plants

No matter how advanced or formidable the Sun Moon Empire’s soul tools were, everything would be futile if only Class 3 soul engineers were using them.

Both legions had the same number of people. One side was filled with Class 3 soul engineers, while the other was filled with Class 6 soul engineers, and it wasn’t hard to imagine what the outcome would be if both sides clashed.

Therefore, Huo Yuhao was hoping for the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers to get aggressive and charge out from their turtle shell. He was hoping they would charge into the city and fight with him.

If they dared to come, Huo Yuhao and the others would probably annihilate those two hundred soul engineers with several mass attacks. They would probably destroy the harbor outside at the same time.

Unfortunately, whether it was because the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers were smart or cowardly, they didn’t appear on the battlefield in Heavenly Sea City after all. All they did was activate their linked defensive formations to the highest possible level.

Heavenly Sea City was a large city, and the pillaging continued until daybreak the next day.


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