Volume 39, Chapter 548.2: The Spiritual Force in Plants

No matter how advanced or formidable the Sun Moon Empire’s soul tools were, everything would be futile if only Class 3 soul engineers were using them.

Both legions had the same number of people. One side was filled with Class 3 soul engineers, while the other was filled with Class 6 soul engineers, and it wasn’t hard to imagine what the outcome would be if both sides clashed.

Therefore, Huo Yuhao was hoping for the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers to get aggressive and charge out from their turtle shell. He was hoping they would charge into the city and fight with him.

If they dared to come, Huo Yuhao and the others would probably annihilate those two hundred soul engineers with several mass attacks. They would probably destroy the harbor outside at the same time.

Unfortunately, whether it was because the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers were smart or cowardly, they didn’t appear on the battlefield in Heavenly Sea City after all. All they did was activate their linked defensive formations to the highest possible level.

Heavenly Sea City was a large city, and the pillaging continued until daybreak the next day.

When the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion’s two hundred people who were like kings of the night retreated, Heavenly Sea City had descended into utter chaos.

Huo Yuhao didn’t know before he came that there was an underwater mine in the ocean close to Heavenly Sea City, and it produced a kind of rare metal known as Deep Sea Silver. This rare metal was extremely valuable, and it was an excellent material for forging stationary soul cannon shells. This metal was very tough, and it was most suitable for constructing long-range stationary soul cannon shells.

Huo Yuhao found a warehouse in Heavenly Sea City that was half-filled with these things, and he packed them into his spectral demiplane.

As for other resources and money, how much did they actually pillage? Huo Yuhao wasn’t sure himself. He opened a spectral gate inside Heavenly Sea City’s warehouses and flew away dramatically after pocketing everything.

The soul tool front outside Heavenly Sea City didn’t attack at all from the beginning to the end, and the pillaging was now complete.

Huo Yuhao left the city, and stopped at a place that was relatively far away. There were no aerial surveillance soul tools in this place, and he wasn’t afraid of being discovered at all.

A spectral gate opened as the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion’s two hundred members returned to their spectral demiplane as quickly as they could.

Huo Yuhao didn’t go back. Instead, he remained outside and found a relatively obscure place before he went into hiding by himself. He didn’t even bring Tang Wutong this time.

They had pillaged thirteen southern cities continuously, and the Sun Moon Empire’s southern shores were in complete disarray. That was sufficient for now.

What Huo Yuhao had to do next was wait. He had to wait and see if his judgment was correct.

The mission at Heavenly Sea City had been delayed by a day compared to the twelve cities which came before. Everything had been smooth and successful, so he had to wait and see if his strategic goal would be realized.

Huo Yuhao found a small hill and quietly lay down in a thicket. He stared at the blue sky and the rolling white clouds above him, and he felt a certain inexplicable comfort and satisfaction.

The most luxurious thing for him was to just sit there and daydream without thinking about anything, and he was enjoying that rare but wonderful moment right now.

All kinds of images and pictures flashed before his eyes, and everything that had happened in his life surfaced continuously. He was most unwilling to reminisce about his experiences with Wang Qiu’er and Wang Dong’er, but those memories appeared uncontrollably in his mind.

Qiu’er, are you truly part of Wutong? Wutong isn’t just Dong’er. I can sense your presence in her. If that’s the case, then that’s just fantastic.

There were several important women in Huo Yuhao’s life. His mother was most important to him when he was a child, and his mother’s passing dealt a heavy blow to him. The most fortunate thing that had ever happened to him was when he had met Wang Dong’er, and being together with her gradually made him forget about his hatred and resentment, and helped him find peace. That was the reason why he could accomplish what he had today.  

What about Qiu’er? She’s still an integral part of my life that I can’t live without. Qiu’er has taught me many things, and I didn’t accept her love from the beginning to the end. Even so, she had always been quietly giving and giving. Soul beasts have feelings too! The person that I have let down the most is Qiu’er.

What will the Continent be like in the future? Huo Yuhao felt a little lost in his heart. Their plan was probably their last chance, and if they couldn’t achieve their goal, the Douluo Continent’s three native empires would be in danger.

The Sun Moon Empire’s soul tools were too strong. Unless Huo Yuhao could destroy the entire empire, the Douluo Continent’s three empires would be swallowed sooner or later.

It seemed impossible for them to close the gap in soul tool technology for now. The gap was too great. The Sun Moon Empire’s royalty had been holding back for so long, and they probably had sufficient strength long ago. But they were always just suppressing themselves.

Huo Yuhao had fought the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions. He had to say that even though the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion consisted entirely of Soul Emperors, they had no chance of victory if they had to fight against one of the five legions from the Sun Moon Empire’s Hand that Protects the Nation, if both sides had equal numbers. This wasn’t just because of the gap in their technology. It was also because of the discrepancy in the soul engineers’ understanding of soul tools.

Furthermore, the Sun Moon Empire still had Ju Zi. Ju Zi’s talent at commanding on the battlefield was extraordinary. She was still holding back a little when she faced him, but what about the Douluo Continent’s three empires? How powerful could she be if she unleashed her full potential?

Huo Yuhao could still vividly remember when the Ming Dou Mountain Range was first broken through. Who would have thought that that event was just a diversion?

The Sun Moon Empire’s armies were powerful, and they had an intelligent commander. The Sun Moon Empire was practically invincible on the Continent! The truth was, there wasn’t much that could hold their own against them in direct battle.

Everything will be futile if we don’t destroy the Sun Moon Empire’s main forces. The Sun Moon Empire’s surveillance soul tools haven’t been able to detect me, but after suffering huge losses, they probably won’t need too long to come up with a soul tool that can find me, considering how advanced their technology is. What I can do now is delay things as much as possible, and prolong the time that the Sun Moon Empire needs to sweep over the entire continent.

A bitter expression appeared on Huo Yuhao’s face as his thoughts stopped there.

He was starting to understand the Heavenly Sun Douluo, who he had participated in the same mission with. Those Titled Douluo were undoubtedly very proud and arrogant. How could they make a move against an infant unless they really had no other choice? They clearly didn’t try to stop Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong with their full strength when the two of them were breaking out.

Huo Yuhao was still very confident in his own abilities before he ventured to the Ice Sea. But after that expedition, he understood that Titled Douluo were just Titled Douluo, while Transcendent Douluo were just Transcendent Douluo. Back at the Ming Dou Mountain Range when he was breaking out with Tang Wutong, more of why he was successful was because those Titled Douluo and Transcendent Douluos didn’t work together to attack him and Tang Wutong! Otherwise, it would have been almost impossible for them to leave.

Before, a single Ultimate Douluo could intimidate and threaten an entire country. Following the development of soul tool technology, personal fighting strength was waning continuously.

Many soul masters still didn’t properly understand that fact. At least, the Holy Ghost Church hadn’t grasped that reality yet.

Back when Huo Yuhao had encountered the Holy Ghost Church for the first time, he didn’t understand why the Sun Moon Empire would work with such an evil sect. Those evil soul masters were so cruel and evil, and their existence would undoubtedly bring calamity to all life. What would the Sun Moon Empire be like if the Holy Ghost Church held power in the end?

But as he continued to fight the Sun Moon Empire, Huo Yuhao witnessed more and more of their truly formidable soul tool technology. He gradually understood that the Holy Ghost Church was just one of the Sun Moon Empire’s chess pieces. Two Ultimate Douluo were extremely powerful, but how would they fare against a soul engineer legion’s linked soul tools? Would they still emerge victorious? Whether the Holy Ghost Church wanted to or not, and even if they were sufficiently prepared, could they really threaten Xu Tianran’s rule?

Xu Tianran was a terrifying figure. The deep-seated and hidden strength of the Sun Moon Empire’s royal family was even more frightening. Only places like the royal palace and the worship hall were considered the Sun Moon Empire’s true core!

The Sun Moon Empire had made sufficient use of the Holy Ghost Church, and they were making use of them to fight the Douluo Continent’s soul masters. When the Continent was truly united under one ruler in the future and when their soul cannons were turned around, how could they not have enough reason to deal with such an evil sect?

Huo Yuhao was starting to feel cold sweat breaking out through his shirt. He slowly realized that he seemed to see through some things only when he truly sat down quietly to think.

The Sun Moon Empire is so terrifying!

I wonder how the front line is doing. Can combining the Star Luo Empire, the Heavenly Soul Empire, and the Dou Ling Empire’s strength cause some trouble for Ju Zi?

Ju Zi was also one of the most important girls in Huo Yuhao’s heart, for no other reason than the fact that she was the first woman who had entered his heart, and that was enough.

Huo Yuhao could still vividly remember how he had felt when he first met her, and their experience of going through life and death together afterward left a deep mark in his heart. He still didn’t know that Dong’er was a girl back then. He couldn’t even imagine what the future would have been like if Ju Zi had chosen him back then, and whether he would truly be with her.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t answer that question, and his mind was always filled with mixed emotions when he thought about her.

Ju Zi said he was too soft-hearted. Yes, Huo Yuhao was soft-hearted when he was facing her. But wasn’t she the same when she was facing him? But she was wife to the Sun Moon Empire’s emperor, and the Sun Moon Empire’s War God Empress. If the Sun Moon Empire continued to invade in the future, he would have to face her sooner or later.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes became a little dim when he thought about the future. He truly couldn’t see how the future would unfurl.

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