Volume 39, Chapter 548.1: The Spiritual Force in Plants

That was the reason why this soul engineer legion’s commander vehemently denied the master of Heavenly Sea City’s request. Even though he was the commander of a soul engineer legion that wasn’t up to standards, he could hold his own against the master of Heavenly Sea City, who was a Count. Soul engineers had the highest status within the Sun Moon Empire.

They were on high alert and preparing themselves, but could they really stay safe?

Huo Yuhao was standing on the shore less than five kilometers from Heavenly Sea City. He gazed in the direction of the city’s harbor as he couldn’t help but admire it. “What a excellent harbor! The land that Heavenly Sea City has been built on is relatively elevated, but the ground around them slopes downward. They can build a harbor near the ocean, and look over it comfortably from Heavenly Sea City. The harbor has trade coming in from both sides of the city. What a fantastic place!”

Tang Wutong rolled her eyes. “Are you crying crocodile tears? Are you not going to attack them after praising their magnificent harbor?”

Huo Yuhao replied casually, “Praising and admiring it is one thing, attacking and destroying it is another. It’s not my fault that this empire’s ruler has insisted on starting a war and invading our country. Why do I have to be the villain here if not for that fact?”

Tang Wutong said, “Heavenly Sea City is on high alert, and they are sufficiently prepared. They are more well-equipped than Eastern Sun City was. This may not be easy!”

Huo Yuhao smiled faintly and said, “Nothing is impossible! Heavenly Sea City’s defensive capabilities are better than Eastern Sun City’s defenses, but its weakness is also very obvious. Their soul tool front isn’t inside the city, so what does that mean? That means their linked defensive formations can’t effectively defend the city. Why do we have to do things the hard way?”

Huo Yuhao grabbed Tang Wutong’s hand as he spoke and disappeared into thin air.

Darkness covered the skies, and that was good news for Heavenly Sea City’s soldiers.

Heavenly Sea City was a developed commercial city, and it was also where an important military harbor was located, and their armies were of a high quality. The southern regions were flourishing and bustling, and life was peaceful. Soldiers were treated extremely well from day to day, and there were rarely days when they were especially exhausted.

Ever since the recent appearance of that mysterious enemy who had broken through twelve cities and pillaged them, Heavenly Sea City’s atmosphere had become extremely tense and nervous.

Heavenly Sea City was one of the largest cities along the Sun Moon Empire’s southern shore. There were docks and battleships, and it was rich with resources.

Those twelve cities were wealthy, but there was still quite a gap between them and Heavenly Sea City.

That was the reason why Radiant City had sent a strict order that Heavenly Sea City had to be defended. They were to relay any information as soon as they obtained any. Heavenly Sea City had also become one of the cities along the empire’s southern shores which was most likely to be attacked.

The city defense army became vigilant for that very reason. They increased their daily patrols, and their inspection process for merchants and civilians coming and going also became much tighter. Every single individual entering the city had to go through both soul power detectors and spiritual power detectors. They would have to go through more interrogation and investigation if they were found to be soul masters.

The city hustled for a day, and the sun was finally setting as it went down towards the west. Their tense and busy day was about to end.

The city’s thick gates were slowly shut, and that meant the city defense army could finally get to rest.

The sky gradually turned dark. On some plains five kilometers from Heavenly Sea City, light began to bend and contort.

Aerial surveillance soul tools couldn’t discover such fine details by looking down from above. As for oscillation detectors that conducted searches closer to the ground, they would only be activated once those aerial surveillance soul tools discovered something. Naturally, they wouldn’t be scouring this area.

Shadows and figures popped out one after another under the cover of those contorting light rays, as nine large pitch-black doors opened up at the same time.

Huo Yuhao was standing in front of these nine doors, and those contorting light rays were a result of his Spiritual Interference Domain.

His domain’s strength allowed him to cover a thousand square meters. That was sufficient to cover the nine large doors, which were his spectral gates.

Huo Yuhao wouldn’t have been able to achieve this before. First, his Spiritual Interference Domain wasn’t that strong, and it was hard for him to cover himself if he had to use this domain and necromancy at the same time. His domain’s area of effect was also much smaller before.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power had undergone a qualitative change once more after he fused with the mermaid princess. Now, his Spiritual Interference Domain had truly matured into an extremely powerful domain-type ability.

Furthermore, a thousand square meters wasn’t his limit. What he was doing with his domain’s formidable interference capabilities was equivalent to rendering everything within this area invisible.

Even though Spiritual Interference Domain still left traces and wasn’t as intricate and fine as Imitation, it had a range and area of effect that Imitation couldn’t match up to at all.

Two hundred armed soldiers from the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion stepped out soundlessly from those spectral gates under the cover of his Spiritual Interference Domain.

Nobody made a sound, and they immediately formed up with guidance from Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection after they appeared and waited quietly.

Huo Yuhao looked up at the sky, and the corner of his mouth curved into a faint smile.

The others from Shrek’s Seven Monsters had stepped out from those spectral gates one after another, along with the rest of the Tang Sect’s stronger individuals.

“Second senior brother!” Huo Yuhao acknowledged He Caitou.

He Caitou chuckled. He shook his hands, and a series of metal clanging sounds could be heard as a heavy cannon appeared on each of his shoulders.

He raised those cannons and pointed them towards the sky.

Faint golden light flickered in Huo Yuhao’s eyes.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…” A series of dull booming sounds could be heard as black cannon shells were fired one after another. They couldn’t be told apart from the darkness because the sky had already turned dark, and not even aerial surveillance soul tools could identify them.

Fireworks exploded through the sky after several seconds as the eyes above Heavenly Sea City were shattered.

Bei Bei waved his hand and shouted, “Move out!”

The Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion surged into the sky at the same time. They opened their flying-type soul tools behind their backs as they flew towards Heavenly Sea City.

Heavenly Sea City no longer had any eyes in the sky to monitor the situation, so nobody could possibly know where this soul engineer legion had come from. Those aerial surveillance soul tools that were detonated triggered the alarm, but so what? Heavenly Sea City’s soul tool front was on the other side of the city.

Several minutes later, the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion, which was spaced out in a horizontal single file, appeared outside Heavenly Sea City. They didn’t stop at all as they immediately assaulted Heavenly Sea City’s thick city walls. More accurately put, they were bombarding the city’s walls with everything they had!

A Class 5 high-powered soul cannon had enough strength to blow a hole more than ten meters wide and three meters deep in those thick city walls.

What about two hundred Class 5 high-powered cannons?

Two rounds. Only two rounds of bombardment were required before Heavenly Sea City’s northern city walls had become a pile of rubble.

“Enter the city!” Bei Bei gave the order as the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion’s soul engineers immediately charged into the city. Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection guided them straight to the city’s warehouses.

Huo Yuhao commanded the soul engineer legion while locking onto the city’s soul tool front, which was outside the city, at the same time.

There was no way the soul tool front wasn’t aware of the tremendous disturbance on this side. However, they no longer had their aerial surveillance soul tools in the sky, so what if they had a soul tool front? They were blind. Did they dare to bombard their own city to deal with their enemies? That wasn’t a possibility at all.

The soul tool front couldn’t defend the city, so Huo Yuhao would just let it defend the harbor.

The master of Heavenly Sea City had just gone to sleep before he was jolted awake by deafening booming sounds. He had just gotten dressed when the reports came in.

The northern city wall had been broken through, and their enemies had appeared. There were at least two hundred soul engineers, and they had already charged into the city, where they were going straight for the city’s warehouses. Heavenly Sea City had lost contact with all their aerial surveillance soul tools; they were likely to have been damaged or destroyed, judging from the explosions in the sky.

The Sun Moon Empire had put in a lot of effort to improve their aerial surveillance soul tools’ cover. However, any cover was futile against Huo Yuhao’s otherworldly Spiritual Detection.

“Quick, request aid from the soul engineer legions!” The master of the city could only make that one exclamation.

The messenger swiftly departed as the city master sat back down on his bed. His eyes had become a little vacant.

“Why? Why didn’t we discovered any traces at all before the enemy appeared right in front us? What are those aerial surveillance soul tools for? No wonder! It’s no wonder those twelve cities have fallen before us, and not a single piece of information was obtained before they fell. This enemy is too frightening. Does this mean they can render themselves invisible? Why are those aerial surveillance soul tools so useless against them?”

He lamented agonizingly. He was very clear what the city’s fall meant for him, and the situation that he was most afraid of had happened in the end.

This wouldn’t have happened if those soul engineers had been willing to shift their soul tool front into the city! But it was far too late to think about any of that.

The Count was a smart man. He knew that the soul tool front over there couldn’t do anything without the aerial surveillance soul tools, and it was impossible for them to send their Class 3 soul engineers out of their soul tool front to rescue the city. Their superiors wouldn’t fault them as long as they defended their soul tool front, and if their superiors had to blame somebody, it would just be him.

A pained smile appeared on the Count’s face. Heavenly Sea City had fallen.

Yes, everything was within Huo Yuhao’s calculations. What he wanted to execute was a hit-and-run. They were to strike the city once and quickly before retreating at once without any delay. Huo Yuhao’s aim was to pillage the city. Destroying the soul tool front outside the city would of course be fantastic. He would very much rather the soul tool front’s soul engineers come to rescue the city.

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