Volume 38, Chapter 546: Destruction of Heavenly Soul City

The Sun Moon Empire might be the best in terms of soul tools, but they had their own problems too. In terms of soul masters, there was a large difference between them and the three empires of the original Douluo Continent. If not for the fact that they had recruited a batch of soul masters from the Heavenly Soul Empire, they would probably not have been able to form these four new armies. Furthermore, many of those three-ringed soul masters had relied on medication to reach their cultivations. It wasn’t stable.

However, whether their abilities were stable or not wasn’t important. The most important thing was whether they could use soul tools. Because of this, the Sun Moon Empire had used all its resources to manufacture soul tools, and hoped to quickly equip its new soul engineer legions. With these legions and their soul formations, they would be strong everywhere!

Xu Tianran nodded. He knew it very well in his heart, and quickly said, “Quickly equip the first two armies with the newly manufactured soul tools. They must be prepared to obey any orders.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The Military Chief acknowledged his words.

Xu Tianran turned to his Chief Minister and said, “Chief Minister, please continue.”

The Chief Minister said, “We have to quickly tap into our strengths if we want to find those guys. I suggest we deploy the Preparatory Troops...

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