Volume 38, Chapter 545.2: Merfolk's Blessing

The Princess of the Sea said, “We Mermaids are known for our spiritual power. Each of us has the opportunity to offer a blessing once in our lives. The person that’s blessed by us will be fortunate, and he’ll forever be seen as a friend to Merfolk. If it’s someone from our species, it’s a show of love. This person has actually received a Mermaid’s Blessing. In addition, it’s from my pitiful daughter! How, how is this possible? What has happened?”

Tang Wutong suddenly recalled what had happened during that fight. She was astonished as she said, “I think I know what’s going on. Before we came here, we teamed up to kill the evil soul master who harmed your daughter. Among the avenging spirits that belonged to him, one had the appearance of a mermaid. Yuhao used his power of purification to cleanse her. Before that mermaid avenging spirit disappeared, it released a spot of white light that landed on Yuhao’s body. Is that likely to be the Mermaid’s Blessing that you’re talking abo...

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