Volume 38, Chapter 545.1: Merfolk's Blessing

This time, it was probably Huo Yuhao’s least confident attempt in fusing with a Spirit, apart from the time when he had fused the Snow Empress. However, it was also his most important fusion.

Low-pitched incantations echoed in the seawater. Huo Yuhao released gentle spiritual undulations from his body. These undulations spread towards the Mermaid on the Frigid Jade Bed, releasing a gentle aura.

The Mermaid was deep in sleep. Her soul had been crushed and the spiritual power in her spiritual sea was close to drying up. Her soul power had already ceased to exist, and her life energy was almost fully drained. Everything pointed to the fact that she was about to die.

However, she was still very beautiful in this state. Her giant tail still shone with a dim, golden glow.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was also dim gold. As he recited incantations, his spiritual power engulfed her body and covered her in a layer of gold. It also seemed to give her a layer of life energy.

Soft and gentle...

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