Volume 38, Chapter 543.3: The Sea God Descends

The image lifted her hands as a blue hexagonal crystal appeared in mid-air.

Just when the Pride of the Ice and Snow Empress was about to hit her, it was blocked by this crystal. The attack disintegrated immediately, and the Princess of the Sea remained unharmed.

“Is this… the Ocean Heart?” The Snow Empress asked in disbelief.

The Ocean Heart was a fabled super soul skill which only Merfolk with the golden bloodline could control and use. It could grant its user immunity from any energy-based attack once. Following which, it would transfer the energy within the attack it had absorbed to the user, allowing them to combine that power with their own power for their next attack.

As the Princess held the Ocean Heart, she neutralized the Pride of the Ice and Snow Empresses and absorbed its energy. Following which, her entire body turned a brilliant gold as her spiritual energy surged and caused huge waves throughout the entire Ice Sea.

The Princess of the Sea raised the Ocean Heart high up in the sky as a blue pillar of light...

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