Volume 38, Chapter 543.1: The Sea God Descends

“The lifespans of aquatic soul beasts are very limited. If we are unable to overcome this limit, we will basically age and die. The prospect of extending our lives even for just a couple of decades would already be incredible! Besides, the thought of being able to experience the humans’ world was equally enticing. Hence, we became really interested in his idea. Afterwards, those humans released a spirit for us to see. It was indeed very mystical to lose one’s body, but not one’s soul. It was also my first time witnessing something so special!”

“After thinking about it, I decided to try and collaborate with them. Those people told me how there were many humans who were hoping to get some spirits. However, the soul beast would have to undergo some ceremonies, which must be conducted on land. Those ceremonies needed some formations, and those formations could not be placed in the middle of the sea. I was too foolish back then, and believed them without any hesitation. I gathered some of the merfolk who were on the brink of death and sent them to the shore. I sent over a thousand merfolk to the shore without knowing that that would be the last time I would see them...

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