Volume 38, Chapter 541.1: Oceanic Soul Beasts

Tang Wutong frowned as she lamented, “Yuhao, it seems like it’s not likely that our plan will turn out to be successful!” She was the one who had suggested they come to the Ice Sea. But from the look of things, especially from how things had turned out with the Sea Devilwalruses, the chances of leaving with any takeaway were getting slimmer.

Huo Yuhao consoled her, “It’s okay. We’ll just accept whatever comes our way. Since we were already so close to the Ice Sea, it’s only right that we come here to take a look. I believe we have to blame the Myriad Soul Douluo for the sour relationship between Humans and Merfolk. Judging from the number of avenging spirits he had, he must have offended plenty of aquatic soul creatures. And we don’t even know how many soul beasts he needs to kill before getting a single avenging spirit. I’m not surprised that the Merfolk hate us when he chose not to spare even the descendants of the Princess of the Sea. This tension is probably the reason why Eastern Sun City has started to install soul tools to counter attacks from the aquatic soul beasts.”

Tang Wutong said, “From the current look of things,...

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