Volume 38, Chapter 540.2: The Ice Sea

Tang Wutong needed to use her soul power to defend herself against the cold. But she was a Titled Douluo after all, and she wasn’t called the Dragon Butterfly Douluo for nothing. This little bit of cold couldn’t threaten her.

“If we were to fight on the Ice Sea, Wutong, you would be no match for me.” Huo Yuhao laughed as he spoke.

Tang Wutong sounded a little unconvinced. “How do you know if we haven’t tried it? If you’re unconvinced, we can fight again.”

“No. I don’t want to fight with you. If I beat you, my heart hurts. If I lose, my body hurts. This means it doesn’t make sense for me to fight at all. How can I fight you?” Huo Yuhao laughed as he spoke.

Tang Wutong hammered him gently, but she was all smiles.

The two of them flew inward. They weren’t flying very quickly, and they seemed very relaxed, but Huo Yuhao was continuously sweeping the Ice Sea for disturbances with his spiritual power. He would even extend his spiritual power into the seawater to investigate.

There were many aquatic beings swimming around beneath the icy surface, and there were quite a few aquatic soul beasts. However,...

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