Volume 38: The Merfolk's Blessing, Chapter 540.1: The Ice Sea

The practice battle was over. Tang Wutong withdrew her Golden Dragon Spear as she spun around and left.

Huo Yuhao hurriedly chased behind her. “What’s wrong, Wutong?”

Tang Wutong said nothing as she strode towards the tent she was resting in.

“They’re at loggerheads now! For what? Does anyone know?” Xu Sanshi whispered.

Everyone shook their heads blankly, and only Bei Bei thought for a moment as he said, “Yuhao was deliberately giving Wutong a chance, and I think she found that out. That’s the reason why she’s upset.”

“Really? Why did I not see that?” Jiang Nannan was a little unconvinced.

Bei Bei smiled faintly and said, “We all know Yuhao’s abilities. He was giving her a chance from the beginning. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used Spiritual Blast when he was dodging away. He should have used Spiritual Shock. Furthermore, Yuhao didn’t use his Eye of the Asura from the beginning to the end. He didn’t use his martial soul true body.”

Jiang Nannan asked, “Didn’t Wutong not use her martial soul true body either?”

Bei Bei shook his head. “No, she did. When Wutong was using her abilities related...

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