Volume 37, Chapter 538.2: Huo Yuhao VS Tang Wutong

Before, when he duelled with Wang Qiu’er, it was already very difficult for him to defeat her. Currently, Tang Wutong’s current ability seemed to be a combination of Wang Qiu’er’s and Wang Dong’er’s abilities. She was also already a Titled Douluo. When it came to individual abilities, she was probably the strongest in the whole Tang Sect. Even though Huo Yuhao was boosted by his multiple spirits, he could not be complacent when going up against her.

After seeing how he had been excluded from this upcoming affair, Ji Juechen retreated to the side unwillingly. However, he was still very excited to watch a battle between two powerful cultivators. Watching their battle was still very useful for his cultivation.

After Ji Juechen retreated, Huo Yuhao took up his place as he allowed his energy to calm down. As he watched Tang Wutong, who was walking further and further away, he started to focus on his target.

Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, He Caitou, and the others stopped fooling around. Xiao Xiao had quietly returned as she took up a place beside He Caitou.

To be honest,...

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