Volume 37, Chapter 537.3: Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute

Ji Juechen slashed the Judgement Sword upwards, and a formidable sword aura steamrolled towards the image of the jade-green phoenix. 

The sword aura seemed to embody justice as it collided head-on with the green phoenix. However, the unexpected happened. Instead of shattering, the green phoenix magically melted and flowed along the sides of the sword aura as it continued to travel towards Ji Juechen.

That’s right. It flowed like a fluid before the green phoenix splashed onto Ji Juechen’s body.

At this juncture, everyone had started to gain a better appreciation of the situation.

Even though Xiao Xiao could not match Ji Juechen, she was probably not too far away from him. There was also an additional reason why she dared to challenge him today. It was because he was not familiar with her. 

In fact, not many people within Tang Sect knew what soul skills Xiao Xiao possessed.

After witnessing this Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute’s soul skills, Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi and the rest were all surprised. What is this soul skill? It seems like it’s going to be very difficult to get away from the green light.

Ji Juechen definitely...

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