Volume 37, Chapter 536.3: The Eastern Sun Falls

He Caitou led the way as he dismantled every single possible soul tool in the area and brought them back into the spectral demiplane. In fact, he even led the soul engineers to the top of the city wall to scavenge rare metal bits from the ruins.

The sky had started to turn bright by the time they had finished dismantling and packing everything up.

The troops who were planning to attack Huo Yuhao and the others were also fairly rational. They knew they were unable to compete against the soul engineer legions, and hence they merely surrounded the area while they waited patiently for the reinforcements they had called for.

The mission was not over after clearing the area of any remaining soul tools. It was now the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion’s turn to perform.

Eastern Sun City’s seven storehouses were plundered by the legions as they transported large amounts of resources, especially food, into the spectral demiplane.

While Oak City was already considered a huge granary, it was nothing compared to Eastern Sun City. If the food in Oak City was to be compared to a small mountain, the food in...

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