Volume 37, Chapter 536.2: The Eastern Sun Falls

However, Er Bai did not continue and kill the Abomination Douluo. Huo Yuhao had obviously ordered Er Bai to pin him down, but not kill him. 

The Myriad Soul Douluo knew the battle was over. There was no point in him trying to fight a losing battle. As his figure flickered, he sent the remaining avenging spirits around him on a final onslaught. The mermaid avenging spirit released a series of loud howls as its powerful spiritual attack rippled from its body.

To protect his life, the Myriad Soul Douluo knew he had to sacrifice his avenging spirits to escape. He could always replenish his avenging spirits if they were to die. But if he were to lose his life, it would be the end for him.

His reactions were extremely quick, but why would Huo Yuhao not have thought of restraining him? He would not have left him there alone if he didn’t have the ability to control the situation.

Just as the Myriad Soul Douluo was retreating, he suddenly saw a strange eye in front of him. The humongous eye released a purplish-gold flash before his eyes.

Following which, the Myriad Soul Douluo felt as if a hammer...

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